Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Distraction, In The Form of "The Jeans"

What a funny turn of events…we had actually planned, this time, on a gut wrenching tale - a tale from The Other Girls past about one of the other times we had all been together; which was about twelve years ago.

However… being faced with a wonderful distraction from the anguish of our day(s); which was completely, and totally, full of anguish today; we’ve decided to write a little more light-hearted. We don’t always want to be a “sad sack of shit”, because in reality, while we may be miserable most of our days, we do a damn good job of portraying happiness to the outside world (and why not do it here too). Though admittedly, it’s WAY harder these days…maintaining that “happy” appearance.

This afternoon we felt like we were drowning, our worst idea of a way to die; swirling madly into an abyss, wanting to scream, making us short and bitchy with fellow employees, and other workers in our vicinity; because in our head it was nothing but a swirling mass, a tornado of noise, throbbing pain, and misery. Not to mention a low-pressure system was causing searing pain in our neck, shoulders and back.

Luckily, The Jeans granted us the delight of drinks, a game and a half of pool, burgers and company, this afternoon; a respite from anguish. 

When there are very few people in your life, an amount you can count almost on a single hand, that you can TOLERATE…and only few of which you immensely enjoy (hello Fabulous People and The Pup),  the company of said people can make a terrible day into a less than awful experience.

Our dear FNA has basically disappeared from our life; possibly from fear of finding out totally who we are; gone, but not the same way as Standby; leaving us without the company of intellect, general sexiness, and something tasty to look at.

So, we were delighted that we could take a little solace in The Jeans’ company; even though we understand he can, and never will be, ours; we do have a pretty “mad” crush on him…and his cute “jeans”. It’s still nice to be able to enjoy intelligent conversation, even though we get the impression that he doesn’t think we are as amazing as we think he is, and we have to "bribe" him to spend time with us. The fact that he’s willing to let us listen to him "wax poetic" about his views on life, art and social media...amoung other things, and sometimes interject with our own thoughts, is a nice distraction from our own constant chatter with ourselves.

This is just a fun, random post; about how sometimes we can have a happy, seeming normal day in the end – thanks to one or two, and sometimes three, amazing people. People who we are lucky enough to have in our life, who know US, even if they may not understand completely who we are, and are still able, somehow, to accept us; and at this point in our life…people who can accept us are the most important people to have.

This  is a video that of the two Fabulous People shared with us. We've become interested in stop motion film recently, and we thought we'd share this clip with you. Enjoy!


  1. Any time we can feel accepted for who we are can turn a crappy day into a salvageable day. Especially when that person accepting us comes in awesome jeans. (I'm married; I'm not dead.)

  2. We agree.

    We'd love to say we take what't we can get; but at the end of the day we'd rather get given what we want. Just once.

    Thanks for the post. Much appreciated!