Tuesday, February 22, 2011

In Defense of Failed Pandering - A Rebuttal by Frank

Well, now that I'm awake, and I've seen what that little whore wrote; how can I not write in defense of my dear FNA? (Fantastic New Addition - to you new readers)...even though I'd rather be finishing that painting that he critiqued (he's hard to please). Not going to happen tonight.

I had a nice nap and FaNtAstic dreams, and now I'm awake, slightly refreshed, but for the severe back pain we are, more often than not, plagued with (from a terrible car accident).

While it's true that this afternoon was not the usual FaNtAstic time, nor did it contain any of our FaNtAstic Frank Adventures that I've come to crave; I can't say I was too disappointed (never disappointed). 

When it comes down to it, I'd just like him to be around more, wish he had the freedom to do so. For all I care he could just sit in a room with us and read books, or whatever it is he really likes to do; maybe while we write, or read, or paint, or do whatever else it is that we tend to do. (Did I mention the sex? Lots of sex...weird, awesomely strange, FaNtAstic sex)

Well, that's not entirely true. 

We'd like to go to museums and pubs and music events (if we could ever agree on music) and restaurants, and travel, and listen to him do most of the talking. He sure does like to hear himself talk, and for some reason we love to listen - even though it's punctuated by "the little bitch" nattering on about how we should make him leave, and trying to convince me he's trouble. I just want us to be his slave, his play toy...his addiction; maybe because he's turning into mine. 

I hear "booing" (boourns) in the background - she's not so happy we're saying these things...she's got her reservations. (SHE needs a name)

I'm having a hard time writing tonight, distracted by flights of fantasy...thinking about him and the next time we might get to see him; we never know. 

I'd like to just ramble on and on about how awesome I think he is, how much I like to be angry with him, and how much I like to be not-angry with him, and after all, he is one of the reasons I'm here. One of the many reasons. But he's already so full of himself (his smug self satisfaction is so damn adorable) that we highly doubt we need to keep going on and on. That's a collective decision.

We both know he's FaNtAstic, but she's apprehensive and scared. While I enjoyed this afternoon, she just doesn't want us to get hurt, even though I've told her we're strong now, and we can handle anything together, she and I.

Bottom line: we know he knows that we think he's worth a lot to us. At least he better by now.

And now for a totally unrelated music post...

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