Monday, February 7, 2011

Bringing Frank to Work, Frustration, and Tasty New Characters

Franks in for the long haul, she even insisted on coming to work with me today.

Frank doesn't always have good ideas. (think: a bring-your-daughter to work day kind of disaster, if your daughter is an insane reflection of yourself)
Highly distracted and keyed up Frank and I embarked on an adventurous day at work ("I'm not even supposed to be here today").  We had a fun day, even though we probably drove people nuts - together we are a LOUD, unstoppable force.

Spending some one-on-one time with Frank, (door closed and classical music to bring us back to earth), got us chatting via some inner-dialog; something The Other Girl has a hard time doing without Franks control; generally resulting in the spewing forth of everything that comes into her mind, out into the vast space that surrounds her. The Other Girl, she's just has no self-control - you step out for two minutes and she creates disasters.

Turns out, while TOG ("The Other Girl") may like Standby; Frank is set on destroying what they have.  Overnight rendezvous' with Standby have become increasingly...disappointing (unless we insert a little FaNtAstic fantasy); and don't let us forget the irrationality of sharing a bed with a cuddler. For fucks sake, there is a time limit (I like to think under 5 minutes us acceptable...but that's the high end), then you go to your corner, and I go to mine. That's (one of the reasons) why I have a king sized bed. There is a time and place for the cuddling (TOG likes the cuddling more than I do), and there is a lot of time for snuggles, cuddles, and other affection - outside of the bed. Frank is a little particular.
Funny conversation interjection here, to give a glimpse of what it's be like to share a bed with Frank:
Seeing as we, Frank and I, get up early in the morning, Franks not always in the mood for that third go around (yes, third, sometimes more, Frank loves a good marathon) before bed.  
So, when Standby inquired about the next session, Frank explained to him that we were tired, but: "If you need to 'help yourself out' in the middle of the night you can just cum on me while I sleep.  Just make sure you clean me off before I wake up ...and try not to get it on the sheets."
He got a good laugh, but Frank was dead serious.
Anyway. You can't believe I wrote that (and, yes, I actually said it) - but you are the one reading it - think about that.
What was once the BEST I ever had is now, sadly, taking back seat to knowing what Frank and I could be having; at the very least on a physical level (I've told that girl she can't have that one, no matter how much she might want him...still, she remains, hopelessly, devoted). Can't blame her really, we both really like him, he is pretty FaNtAstic...she's just more irrational about it than I am - even though we'd both do anything he asked (and we think we've nearly proven that). Such is the nature of a submissive (especially this one). Good thing he doesn't know how much control he could actually have (strange, since he clearly knows what he's doing), but to what end?

The Other Girl (who, by the way, contains almost all the characteristics that Frank didn't/doesn't want) is doing aces on getting us to stop smoking. Even if she is using her own warped reasoning/logic for doing it.  She wasn't told to, but sometimes she does things because she thinks it's what we need, and whatever reasoning she can come up with, she uses - I let her take control of some stuff - but not to much, that's how we started smoking again, and that's how we get ourselves tied up in crazy shit (mmm, tied up).

She insists, as she explained to me, that we should be the best we can be for him, even if he doesn't know it, doesn't ask it of us, and definitely doesn't care. It's why we quit smoking, it's why we drug ourselves to hot yoga last night, and really pushed through those stretches/poses, through that pain (oh, mmmm, the pain), all the while thinking of FaNtAstic fun to be had.

Is it me, or is there a lingering someone in the back of Franks mind? We are not convinced that, together, we haven't just traded one addiction for another.

Seeing as how I've taken over this shoddy blog, I've made an executive decision to blog without restraint. This means re-appearances of some of our, and your, favorite characters...and some new ones!
Speaking of; bringing Frank to work is like one big mental fiasco. Especially since TYM (Tasty Young Morsel) arrived.  No worries though; Frank knows to behave herself at work. Plus, I mean, really, the things Frank could do to that cute little puppy...we just laugh hysterically thinking about it...he'd have no idea what hit him. Mind altering references come to mind.

TOG, she's the one with the self control problems, she's the one who got us into all this trouble anyway, making me have to take over so much of her life.

In any case, even if she hasn't been told she's not allowed even a nibble of TYM, she knows she's not allowed; devotion, yes, and rationality - she is capable of it. Devotion, more than rationality, of course.

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