Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Relevant Music

I love music.  I LOVE it.  All sorts, crazy stuff, stuff that makes Frank dance, makes people shut their doors and makes people criticizes my taste; it really is the story of my [music] life: Franks horrid taste in music. (and it's not that it's horrid all around, Frank likes what some people would call 'good' music...you'll see)

Listening to music tonight, mulling over my day, it seemed that every single song I listened to made me think of "Franks current situation".  It really was uncanny, but no more than her life in general.

In any case, one of the bands I love is The EELS. Frank wanted to share this song tonight on a social networking site, but knowing "someone" had already been listening to the songs Frank was sharing and not wanting "someone" to think Frank was posting things for him/because of him, and so here we are, at my new favourite place; my blog.

From the best EELS album (in my opinion), Hombre Lobo I give you, My Timing Is Off.

Disclaimer: If you have low-to-no tolerance for moody emo music don't bother pressing play.  I understand it's not everyones bag - at least try the second one, Hey Man, if you try any at all.  The singer, E, has an entrancing and melodic voice, perfect for a rainy day, or laying in the grass staring at the sky - or even when you are sad. Everything has it's place.

My other favourite EELS song:

and a sampling of some other stuff they do...enjoy...


hee heee...I like birds...


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  1. eels comes on one of my pandora stations all the time...i looove the first song you posted. so pretty.