Sunday, February 27, 2011

Short Entries 2

This was supposed to be published first...frack...

Sometimes we have things to say that are short, but don't fit into the posts we are working on. That's why we have Short Entries.

We wrote a little ditty last night, Tweeted it even - Twitter has become a notebook for our thoughts, as well as an outlet for the crap that rattles around between our ears. Shake us, guess what's gonna fall out.

Hee hee...

You'd think we'd been recently inspired by some poetry or something... 

It's not much, it's an awakened skill (skill?) that we might consider working on again...could be a fun thing to start playig around with...when we're not working, writing, or painting, or reading...or wishing we could have our physical needs met in a proper manor, by a flesh and blood person...what? Yeah. 

Four lines, to express how we felt last night.
We want what we want 
for once we can agree 
But we can't have either of them 
our heart under siege
We're writing another entry over here, so, you know, come back later. Or don't. Whatever. :) 

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