Friday, February 25, 2011

A Frank Evening with... Fabulous People and The Pup

That's funny. They sound like a crime fighting team, 'Fabulous People and The Pup'. They very well might be, anything is possible these days.
We enjoy company, on occasion, and have gotten very selective about who we let into our world (and apartment). There are only a couple people who have access to our building code, and only one who has a key to our door. We fancy our apartment a fortress, and if we let you this really means something.

We realized that, while we've referenced them, we never really say who Fabulous People are to us. While their identity is confidential, what we can say is that we owe them our life. In the past two months they have sat with The Other Girl while she slowly came undone, and then sat with us when we spun off like a top and ripped our way back into the world, grieved TOG and found our footing (it's still shaky though). They've been our life preserver in a time when we had nobody and needed somebody - our experience with fair-weather friends is extensive - and FP hardly knew TOG, and they didn't even know us. They remain the only people who truly accept us for who we are. No questions asked (but mostly because they don't need to ask).

That's Fabulous People. They are called Fabulous People for a reason; as a side note, Fabulous and Fantastic are two of our favourite words, going back to at least last summer when it was pointed out as a word we used often.

The Pup is a recent edition to our world (strictly a friend), recent, though we seem to remember referencing him at some point in the not-to-distant past, as the target of  "crush" or "destroy" instructions; or some such maniacal direction. We declined then, we decline now. Especially now, given the recent soul killing accusations. We just can't destroy him, he's just a puppy after all; let the world do it's job - our conscious is pounding right out of our temples as it is, without adding a true "innocent" to the list. 

It's interesting, our little crime fighting team. The Pup is just a young thing of 21 (or is it 23?) years, 10 years our junior; and Fabulous People are 17 and 40. Despite all of our vast age ranges we get along like, well, like peas and carrots...and onions.  Yeah. Those go well together. (peas and carrots, we are suddenly struck with more memories of our Forrest)

Why The Pup hangs out with us, even after Fabulous People depart for the evening, even after he's seen us be roaring bitches in public; while he listens to our pessimistic angry words, he sits there with that innocent grin. We wonder why he keeps coming around. He makes us sad. He's such a nice boy, a boy we could have liked if we had been different people, if we were unaware of our abiilities. He's on the list of Frank Untouchables, just like Tasty Young Morsel - though increasingly we'd like to bite TYM, just a little...but we know that's just misdirected pent up biting desires...we are in need of sinking our teeth in some flesh.

So, what do Fabulous People and The Pup do when they hang out? Well, we think The Pup spends much of the time confused, because we and Fabulous People tend to reference things he doesn't really know about (mainly anything that has to do with this blog). In addition to lobbing witty banter, the four of us could go on the road with our shtick, we watch food related clips (food porn!) on YouTube, partake in all ranges of conversation, watch movies and eat food lovingly prepared by us.

Tonight we made Fabulous People and The Pup dinner, yummy beef burritos with home made guacamole, and for dessert fruit (strawberries, pineapple, mango, banana) with freshly whipped (with a whisk, blender beaters have gone missing) cream, sweetened with table sugar and flavoured with organic Mexican vanilla. We meant to take pictures, but we didn't. Everyone enjoyed the meal, and everyone laughed when we told The Pup that we were baiting him with food. But just for the his company. We know what we want, after all, we say it enough.

Our entertainment for the evening was the movie Gamer...Frank and I questioned as to whether anybody knew if this movie had been regarded as good by the general public. The general consensus was 'no'. 

It was our (Frank and Bitch) assessment that, without the addition of our own Mystery Science Theater 3000-esque team (and all our innuendoism - a word created by The Pup tonight), the movie would have been a flop, save a few scenes; mostly those with car chases involving large machines that ended in mayhem, graphic and frivolous scenes of violence and profuse profanity, and particularily this clip, which is the best use of Frank Sinatra's Under My Skin we have ever encountered:

What can we say, we're a sucker for song and dance, and violence, and evil men, and Michael C Hall (from HBO's Dexter).

Bottom line, an evening with Fabulous People and Frank is a fun time, who wouldn't want to be our fifth wheel?

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