Saturday, February 5, 2011

Stop Me If You've Heard This One...

A guy was stranded on a desert island with Cindy Crawford. He played it cool, and he didn't make any moves towards her for several weeks. Finally, one day he asked her if maybe they could start up a physical relationship, so as to attend to each other's needs. Cindy said she was game and a very vigorous sexual relationship began. 
Everything was great for about 4 months. One day, the guy went to Cindy and said, 'I'm having this problem. It's kind of a guy thing, but I need to ask you a favor.' Cindy said, 'Okay.'The guy said, 'Can I borrow your eyebrow pencil?' Cindy looked at him a little funny, but said, 'Sure, you can borrow my eyebrow pencil.' The guy then said, 'Do you mind if I use the eyebrow pencil to draw a moustache on you?' Cindy is getting a little worried, but says, 'Okay.' Then the guy said, 'Can you wear some of my guy clothing, I need for you to look more like a man.' Cindy is getting a little disappointed at this point, but says,'Well I guess so.'Then the guy says to Cindy, 'Do you mind if I call you Fred?' Cindy, very dejected, says, 'I guess not.' 
So, the guy reaches out and grabs Cindy by the arms and says,'Fred, you won't believe who I've been sleeping with these past four months!'(Source:
The version Standby told me this past week, which is what inspired me to look it up and post it, was better. I had a really good laugh at his version. It just may be his brilliant comedic timing and sultry voice; but he also added unique repartee and ended the joke differently, it was more of a refined, "old-chap"/gentleman-style ending, reminiscent of pulling up a chair, crossing ones legs (but in a manly fashion), taking a deep sip of a drink, followed by a slow inhale of a cigarette/cigar, and an equally measured exhale, leaning in, disclosing -"You'll never believe...".

Now, that's a joke.

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