Friday, February 4, 2011

Distraction #1

Frank felt like crawling into a hole last night; she is so confused about her Current Situation it makes my head pound – something about forced confessions, it's so cathartic - except it’s like a kick in the head (not a good idea); she did the best she could at attempting to crawl deep into hiding in the last 24 hours, but she’s ready to emerge already – thank goodness! I thought we’d be in this hole all weekend; and I’d really hate to miss going to my usual Saturday night destination just because she can’t wrap her head around the things she gets herself into (she’s a stupid, stupid, girl ya know)

I attempted to distract Frank from her cravings for the not-so-New-yet-increasingly-powerFul Addiction (**it’s not drugs, you lurkers…) she is acquiringwhile hiding out in this hole - which is to say, my apartment, avoiding communication technology (sometimes that’s as close to the solitude of the woods a girl can get); except for writing on her laptop, klickity-klack, between long naps (Frank isn’t a napper – generally she’s too high strung) - she realized she needed to break for some entertainment, for something to lighten the mood.

So here is something that makes Frank laugh and giggle…just discovered it this past Wednesday while hanging out with Standby, having a discussion about legitimate uses of the word irony - there is more than one ... (seems Frank might live and breath irony, but that's my opinion)

The Oatmeal is home to such great quizzes as How Many Justin Beibers Could You Take In A Fight (All that matters is that he's taken out), Are Your Loved Ones Plotting To Eat You, The Zombie Bite Calculator: If Bitten How Long Before You Become Infected {I'd, apparently, last 1 hour and 8 minutes before becoming infected}, How Long Could You Survive After Kicking A Bear In The Balls {33 seconds, then I'm bear lunch}...and don't forget 10 Reasons To Date A Unicorn {glitter farts - by far the best reason!} oh, and 10 Words You Need To Stop Misspelling (I almost spelled 'misspelling' incorrectly - irony, stupid irony, but irony none the less)! Yes, this site is probably lame, some might even say ridiculous; I am fond of admitting, I do enjoy ridiculous things. Why We Should Be Eating Horses Instead of Riding Them.

Are your loved ones plotting to eat you?
Created by Oatmeal
(34%, eh? I can manage those odds...I promise, I wouldn't be very tasty)

Here's some songs, more distractions, apparently I like their [The New Pornographers] 'Together' Album. Now, Frank is going to go for a walk...

[**note, this is why knowing I have lurkers is destructive, in the back of my head there is a little censor (believe or not I have censoring capabilities) that is trying to monitor what I write.  This anonymous blog was a censor-free zone until you all showed up]

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