Friday, January 21, 2011

Like A Horse

A lot has been going on in "Franks" life lately, events spoken of, and those that can never be.

Honestly, the last few weeks have broken Frank, way beyond, and in a completely the opposite way that The Bull Rider "broke me".

My "spirit" has been broken, and ironically the only analogy that can be made is: "broken like a horse"

She laughs, bitterly.

A woman, who found herself, unfortunately, infallible, got a real wake up call in recent weeks.

Amends have been almost been completed and Frank will move on to a new chapter of her life.

The past few months (5) of experimentation with dating, and exploration of self, has led me to a bitter end on countless levels.

With this, my dear readers, let me usher in a new, and less, cynical view of dating.

Broken, like a horse. Something I needed.


  1. Aw, you sound very down-trodden. Hope everything is ok. I really enjoy reading your blog. Men are silly. Maybe you should be a lesbian for a while? I did that once, it was a fun time.

    XO Alice

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  3. Frank,

    I never thought I'd say this or feel this,
    but I now feel sorry for you :(

    I do know proper attitude adjustments are sometimes more than uncomfortable...painful at times.

    Like you, I sometimes become as lofty as you were and so would inevitably end up falling to my deserved demise.

    Wow, your humility is endearing.
    (I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing, lol/groan)

    Now for Alice,
    Ummm, I thought women are supposedly never lesbians by choice :P
    (besides, why should any woman complicate matters for herself?;)


  4. T darling,

    It was a bit of a joke. Don't all women go through some sort of experimental phase in College? Furthermore, how is being a lesbian complicated?!

    Also I like this laughing slash groaning combination. I am trying to do this now in my office at home. I think I sound like a dying animal.


  5. Alice,

    The key is to not fall for the "silliness". Something I figured I was now impervious too. Turns out it just takes the right kind of bad for me.