Friday, January 7, 2011

A Dating Update - Stuck On Recycle

Seriously, this year has started set on recycle somehow.

Thinking that I had “rid” myself of The Plumber, The Icelandic and TDF (Third Date Flunkie) in December -  I prepared to set out the new year with just my “standby” (have never talked about him – likely will not) and Fantastic Special Edition ... oooo, he earned a name for himself. Too bad I'll never discuss him again.

Anyway, thinking I was going to start off the year new, with little complication, call me surprised when all three of them began contacting me again at the same time. Day 7 of the New Year and I'm back at square one.

Granted The Icelandic never went to far, at the end of December he went MIA for awhile, only to re-appear and then freak right out. I “broke” up with him in the sense that I explained to him I did not foresee the possibility of a relationship for us, however I enjoy his company, his friends, and would still like to see him on occasion. He confessed that he thought I was ”to good for [him] anyway”.

In what context he meant it I don't know. (i.e. I was too good of an influence [yes, strange to imagine, but a possibility with this one *ting of my halo*], or generally just too good. I choose to think it's a combination of the two. He agreed that staying friends would be nice, as he also enjoys my company, citing me as an interesting person.

The Plumber sent me a message, wishing me a happy new year and telling me he misses me. Want to take me call him tomorrow because he wants to take me out tomorrow night. Hmmm. Really? Pretty sure I'm always rude to him...
So I told him “maybe”. Hey, I could use an adventure.

TDF started FB chatting with me, and texting me, every day. His request is that I allow him to take me out again, I asked him what the purpose of that would be, he said “to catch up”. I flat out told him that he only wants to take me out because I bruised his ego. No response. I told him I'd have time for him in February, maybe.

So, while I am still planning on sticking with my dating hiatus for January, I might decide that a little recycling is okay. A girls gotta have fun;)

Meanwhile, while I try to get myself ahead of this dating curve (this is all new territory for me), I'm working on some music posts and some other stuff. I hope I'm back, stick around!


  1. You sound like a jaded female who now only uses males as toys the typical male chauvenist "pig", except with some tact, but still the same messed up motivations.

  2. You are welcome but it brings me no pleasure to tell you that.

    I again suggest you watch the origins of "Wonder Woman" movie,
    for the sole purpose of seeing the different "waves" of femininism being represented and shown which aspects are correct, which aren't, and the motivations of all waves:

    An additional insight:
    I find it interesting that the main GOOD man has a great middle name, but unfortunately the movie mostly focuses on his ok first name. LOL

  3. Again, thank you for your honesty.

    Over the weekend I reconsidered my position on "recycling" and decided it to tedious and predictable as far as outcome.

    Thanks for the "insight"? Is it meant to be a clue?