Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Recent events in Franks life has been keeping her from articulating herself vis-à-vis blogging, sending her instead into a period of introspection and evaluation. Call it bringing her back to home base.

These events involve "my" two amazing...huh...uh...I sit here and can't find a word to describe them (maybe because they have exceeded my expectations), in any case, the two in question are FNA and Standby; Standby has been referenced only recently, and FNA has been briefly referenced throughout the last couple of months or so in blogging, most notably as the "Big Fish" mentioned in a December 2nd entry.

Both of these wonderful "suitors" - "suitors" only for lack of a word to categorize, or label them, there is no real way to do it - which I vowed never to blog about (my vows broken), now become the brief focus of this entry. Having been dropped by both of them within the same week, for various different reasons (one of which is basically clear, but at the same time unclear to me), I find myself at a place where I should evaluate my relationships (you know, now that they no longer exist in the context I want them to).

I can't help but laugh...

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  1. Frank,
    it's like my "mom" used to try to "drill" into me (she failed, miserably, and I didn't start applying this till about a year ago...at over double the age I was then, lol/groan):

    "T[rest-of-name-withheld-for-my-"fun"], you can't always get what you want."

    Unbeknownst to either of us, since no one in our family paid any attention to even the topic of astrology...since I was (and still am, duh) a zodiac sun Aries (the "13th sign" controversy can be discussed in a different topic, if you initiate it, otherwise I won't bother continuing to discuss it in this thread cuz then I'll be inadvertently taking this article of yours completely off-topic), which is one of the negative/sinful predispositions for those with that sun sign.

    Thanks for being me, frank.