Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Agalmatophilia - If You Have It Your Partner Doesn't

Recently I watched a documentary on strange love practices, the show was called National Geographic Taboo: Strange Love.
The opening piece is about 'idolators' - their term, not mine. I looked into it, and the actual name for the "affliction" is Agalmatophilia [sexual attraction to a statue, doll, mannequin or other similar figurative object; Wikipedia]. That's a mouthful. (dirty)

Initially I thought "Weird!", but the more I began to think about it the less weird it became; I mean it's still a, but who am I to judge?

Why did it become not so strange to me that these men have sex with synthetic objects meant to represent the anatomics of a woman, and happen to pretend to have a life with it/them/he/she?
Beware! Adult Topic Alert:

Woman have been having sex with synthetic objects for as long as synthetic objects have been in existence (and before synthetics, organics, yes, gross gross gross, but you know it had to have least once.)

The thing is "we" don't dress ours up and have a meal with it. *pause for mental picture*
So, they became fixated with their object, what woman among us has not thought, or even exclaimed (likely at a Passions Party), "I love my vibrator!".

Some people just have better imaginations and don't need the whole package.
Other pieces in this episode of Taboo includes a couple with an "open" relationship in Australia, a polygamist in the UK, and child bride sales in Nepal.

See this is what you get when I go on dating hiatus.

It's not totally a hiatus though...but I'm saving that for a special occasion. I'm not saying it's good, I'm not saying it's


  1. Does this documentary include the more extreme taboos, or did they avoid mentioning those?

    And I'm wondering if you figure more hot-looking/functioning female androids would be sold than the hot-looking/functioning male androids?
    (our technology is probably there now, but economically not for another 10-20 years)

  2. They had only four topics in this episode. It's a series on National Geographic, there is only one other in the two seasons I have that deals with sex, it's just called Sexuality; I have not watched it yet. I am in search of other documentaries of the sort.

    Do I think there would be better sales in male or female androids? I would say better sales in female androids, if only because woman have so much more variety in the synthetic department than men do. Personally I think any sort of full human sized synthetic would just take up to much space. LOL

    I have no doubt that our technology is there, but bow functional does one require an synthetic to be?

  3. //I have no doubt that our technology is there, but bow functional does one require an synthetic to be?//

    "Require"? Not at all.
    "Desire"? LOL
    Well, that would mean a synthetic should be fully operational to the point of its human "owner" not being disagreed with or threatened by it.
    (a human "pet" if you will, by it not speaking cognitive human language;)

    I'm only answering based on my observations of selfish humanity (males and increasingly so, females too...don't forget to include transexuals as well, of course)