Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mr. FaNtAstic and The Jeans

We thought we'd do a fun little entry, to lighten up this place; we don't feel like writing about what was on the agenda; The Father and the recent conversation we had, the first, since he somehow stumbled upon our blog.

It's been awhile since we've written about our FNA, and anyone who has been following us on Twitter (as the majority of you do) has seen us Tweet about The we wanted to explain, and perhaps introduce a new person to our little blog world.

The Jeans aren't new, but we've been crushing hard core on him for a pretty long time now, even though we're in amour with Mr. FaNtAstic; he's just another unattainable that we've fallen for. The interesting thing is that The Jeans and FNA are so similar, in so many respects in fact, that you'd almost think they were the same person. That's probably why we crush on him so hard.

So, while we still remain true to FNA, we've got The Jeans to admire almost everyday, which is nice, because we don't see FNA nearly as much as we'd like. And since FNA knows The Jeans, and knows how we feel about The Jeans...we're pretty sure everyone involved, this time, is okay with the situation.

We also enjoy Tweeting about The Jeans all day, and we wanted people to know that we are a devoted, one man, kinda gal. Frank always has been, but we'll talk about that another time.

We've got housework to do; Fabulous People and The Pup are coming by for pizza and a movie.

A little dedication, to The Jeans...


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