Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Why Waste A Good Title?

We figured we'd write our entry BEFORE we start drinking ... which means writing from work a little. From The Room; which we are getting better at managing *deep breath in**big breath out*

So. We'd write a Fuck Face update...but...honestly...we're not going to tell you about how it is panning out - needless to say we've been out drinking with him like usual; as for anything else...hey, a girl needs some secrets, right? And these girls could use keeping thier yap shut a little. Meanwhile, he's back in the house, living in the guest bedroom - so The Wife must have seen some redeeming quality in him.

We've been having a pretty good week - hey, guess this is a sort of a state of the union ...anyway...feel free to stop reading because this will be something primarily written so that next week we can remember/relay what the hell we thought and felt.

A good week is really considered one where we are not sobbing our eyes out on the floor of our apartment, feeling scared for our future, or being consumed by one of our alters who has problems. (one has depression problems, one gets paranoid over the silliest things...some of them have issues with food...and then there is anger - but they don't all have problems).

We discussed with @sadisticG, our good friend and Skyping buddy, that Bethany has been mostly MIA lately and we miss her. He thinks it's because we've been drinking so much more than we used to. Back in the day The Other Girl only drank once or twice a week, more commonly once a week. She didn't like being drunk, she liked smoking pot, as we've mentioned before.

It's coming up on the one year anniversary of this website, we're hoping to be able to share more about The Other Girl, we're going to fish out some of her writing from the computer files and share some of the travel journals she wrote when she took the a trip to Europe (Germany & Amsterdam) with Significant Other, with a segway into Egypt, in October of 2009.

She, and the rest of them/us (but not me), took over 3000 pictures on thier roughly three week vacation, so we'll share some of those too.

Anyway, if you made it this far then kudos and thanks for reading this mostly boring blog post. Wish we had a treat for you...a tasty marshmallow treat...

~ Frank et al

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