Tuesday, June 14, 2011

'24 Hour Video' by @scolari135: A Review...of sorts...

Note: news flash, we're crass sometimes...if you don't like cuss words, we recommend you fuck off by closing your browse now.
We could be all eloquent and shit, but who are we kidding...even if we hadn't had "some wine" to drink tonight...we're hardly ever eloquent, and quite FRANKLY...we're tired of thinking/writing about our past, our disabilities, our problems. We just want to be like everyone else forever and ever; the wine helps us pretend we are like "you", a little.

Anyway, one of our new followers (@scolari135 - Frank Massa, from Montrealwho clearly didn't know how we feel about unsolicited material (don't even try it unless you are showing us something awesome) gave us the link to this...it's a television show he created. If it had been lame we would have reamed on him (in Tweets, of course) so hard...but, sadly, we liked it. 

Watch it till the end ... you might find it interesting - we sure did. It almost makes us wish we watched television, ever; which we haven't done, even in download form, since about mid-February, says the dust on the television, and the dining room chair placed in front of it stacked with books that has purses hanging from it; and the stalled existence which is our uTorrent client. (it competes with computer power and bandwidth for Twitter, duh)

The lead is in this show, 24 Hour Video, is pretty hot, as is the content (
animal porn and snuff films? The animal porn, not hot...but you know...one of us is a sick twisted bitch, so SNUFF FILMS!?!). As the description says, it's a " 'Clerks' meets 'Sopranos' gangster series, petty criminals operate a shady video rental store. Forget about gallows humor, 24Hr. Rental is black comedy 2 weeks after the execution."

We'd write a better review, but fuckit...we're just providing you with the means of finding out about it, who the fuck cares what we think? If we're putting it here it means we like it, and if we didn't, well, we'd fucking say "Hey, this shit sucks"...but it doesn't look like it's going to suck; though we will say it looks more suited to a movie, than a TV series...

That is all...we got shit to do, and by that we mean fuck-all on Twitter and going to the grocery store.

P. Fucking.S.
Look! We posted something other than a "we've been drinking again" post... seriously though, we've written crap loads this year. Check out our best by clicking here->  Recommendations - Weeded From Our ... Feeded? or, you know, check out all the shit around here...there's lots of it.

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