Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Who We Are: An Intro

Added after posting: This should have been called "We Overuse The Word 'Stuff'" - HA!

We were supposed to be writing and instead we were eating yogurt and fucking around on Twitter.

We really haven't got much to say, maybe. We're not going to write about our stalking adventure today...we'll probably not write here in the blog about it for awhile - we don't want Frank to get too angry, she’ll find out, but until then mums the word!


It’s June 1st - Mental Health Month (May) is over, so now it's time for us to start writing other stuff, whilst mixing in some day-to-day-ish stuff. We can write a lot of stuff, we have written a lot of stuff. When you’re done here you should totally read a bunch of our stuff. Just hit the tab at the top called: Our Recommendations - Weeded From Our...Feeded? – Basically it’s the stuff we would recommend, because we don’t recommend you read everything here. Some of it is shit, and the older it is (like the first 6 months or more of this blog), the shittier it is, on average. That page is supposed to be updated at least once a week, providing we write something one of us feels is worthy to add there, and if we get agreement from at least another of us.

If you've recently stumbled upon this blog, or started following us on Twitter you're wondering who the hell we are; besides an amusing account that appears to be several different people sharing one account. So, for you’ve we’ve created this entry.

In truth we are many people sharing an account, but we also share a body. We "suffer" from Dissociative Identity Disorder (Multiple Personality Disorder). We’ve had it our whole life – that we can remember. The stories of “why we are” are on our other blog: (where we sort relevant stories from here, to there, if they are a story/entry about our past).

We started this blog almost a year ago, The Other Girl...the original owner of The Body (known in DID as The Core), was meant to use this blog as a tool for therapy, as directed by Frank, and to write things for us; to try to ease the pain she was feeling about us, instead she started smoking even more pot than she had ever smoked (by the time we got rid of her she was spending $450/month of it – for herself/us), she went a little nuts, she broke up with our boyfriend of nearly two years, started binge dating...and then...well...the story of the past 9 months will unfold once we are done with the story of us; we’ve got roughly 3-4 more years of nonsense to fill in before we tell you about the weekend we killed The Other Girl, and some of the fucked up things we did with Fuck Face before you all started hearing about him. (<-old news now)

So, if you’re new to is a little bit about why we are here on this blog (and on Twitter, after being forces there for work-related purposes) and why ...huh....lost that train of thought. Maybe it will come back.

So, this blog. It's here for writing therapy, it's here to track what's been going on, so we can all stay on the same page, so to speak, with each other. It's also here as an awareness project to support mental health – a few of our entries from the past month include a lot of information on what DID/MPD is, and isn’t....

We got asked to write for a blog once, a couple of months ago, for Mental Health Month (from a state mental health organization), but we declined because they didn't like that we swear in our writing.

Fuck that. That's what we had to say about it then, it’s what we say about it now.

The Twitter thing. We've got lots of shit that is in the head, we like to have an outlet to throw it into, flush the system so-to-speak and Twitter is perfect because it's like an Us tracking system, to figure out who was out when they were, apparently some of the people there on Twitter think we are funny. Sometimes we think we are scary; but, as long as there are miles and screens between us and them/you, then we suppose it can be funny; and you don’t have to be too scared;-)

We're also on Twitter because we've eliminated all of our friends in real life, and it’s not the first time in our 31 years of life it’s happened. Since we took over things here in The Body we decided enough is enough, we're not hiding who we are because it just ends up hurting people, and us. We want to try to get past the hurting, and just let each one of us be us. We're fine with knowing that being open about it is going to mean a life of being by ourselves, likely. We like us; we've been hanging out with us for years.

Okay, so we don't all like each other the same amount, but, we’ve grown on each other like mould - so when people talk to us about therapy, and about melding us all together into one unit; we say screw off, you're not tearing us apart, we are a protective unit, and can’t, nor do we want to, imagine life any other way. This is who we are, together and separate; we are part of each other and nobody is taking that away.

So yeah, we're on Twitter to make friends, to talk to people in the only way we can – and sometimes we like the same people, and sometimes we don’t; which is hard just like in real life.

We've gotten a little flack by some people for living our life on twitter (The Father and Fuck Face, to name a few) which inspired us to write one of our most popular pieces: Birds of A Feather, on Twitter, CAN Flock Together, we wrote that back in January, when we first started Twitter. The Other Girl opened the account in October 2010 to learn how to use it for work, but she disliked Twitter entirely - so when we gave her the axe, we picked it up and started Tweeting like hell. Without her here to control us, we gotten to do whatever we want; we got to exist again. Though, as Frank will tell you, she still makes all the rules; we like to break her rules. (She gets really angry about it sometimes)

What else are we missing here?

If you ever have questions feel free to ask, clearly we are open and want to help people understand this disorder that few people know about and/or acknowledge. We sometimes do question and answer entries like:  We Answer Some Follower Questions; you can almost ask us anything and we will always do our best to answer the questions.

If you want to know how we are working through this, trying to organize each other for Frank (because she used to one of us, and she only knew about Bethany) then you can visit our other blog, where we are working on DID/MPD Mapping – it’s full of information like symptoms, terminology, etc. :

If you’d rather read poetry, humous stories, reviews of stuff or look at out artwork, that’s all here too. We moved our poetry to another site: because there is roughly 20 years of it, and this site got pretty full.

We’re also discussing making another blog for our artwork (photography, digital art, paintings, etc.) because that is all currently being store on the website.

And, in the future we plan to give Emmie (one of our alters) her own blog, because she writes dirty stuff as a hobby, and Frank doesn’t find that appropriate for here.

So that’s us. The biggest question you had should be answered. Who are “we” and “us”. We are us!

~Frank et al (minus the Frank)


  1. sometimes I think it's funny but sometimes I dont. Does that make any sense to you all?

  2. kinda missed the point there buddy. works for me.

  3. Only been reading your tweets for a week though that you where in the thralls alcohol addiction.being amusing and disturbing depending who writing.i could see own mental health issues being typed front of my eyes.was starting to tire of insanity having been there.not sure if I've totally understood want mental health problems your trying to highlight, so Im going to hang on in there and let story develope and hope you don't turn into full blow addicts.

  4. Twitter is the place we "live" because we can be ourselves, sometimes we drink. We don't drink all the time.

    Twitter is not meant to be the place to raise awareness for anything, rather it is the place where we can exist as all of us.

    This blog is where we raise awareness for multiple personality disorder/DID and general mental health issues; as well as a place for ourselves to be able to go to keep track of what has been going on in our lives.

    Does that make sense?

  5. I questioned whether you were a serious account for a bit a while back. I've grown quite used to your tweets recently and have come to have fondness for them. I live with MI in many ppl in my home in many forms. I don't even like 'normal' ppl anymore.

  6. Thank you, Ars...for the comment. We know many people do not understand us at first, but as you (and most know) it's all about finding out...looking past a person and trying to understand them,before harsh judgement (though some of us tend to do the opposite of that).

    Thank you for reading, and hugs to all the people in your home who suffer from MI, and all of those who don't <3

    XO ~Ivy