Tuesday, June 7, 2011

This Is Not A Blog Post

That title makes no sense…probably; or maybe it does if you have studied art and Magritte...and...meh…

For once we're not here to say "Hey, we've been drinking, so we can't post shit tonight".


Plus we've gotten quite a few lectures about our drinking lately, from friends on Twitter; plus Fabulous People said that while she doesn't fear for our safety, because she knows where we live and it's plenty safe - she does fear for our liver. We drink about three nights a week though; we don't find that excessive. If anyone else wants to weigh in on their concern you can go ahead and post it at the bottom of this entry in the comments section where you will get a "Thank you for your concern but we are mostly adults here" statement. So there you have that.

Instead we aren't really writing anything significant tonight because our head is pounding from the deep tissue massage we had a couple of hours ago (we usually get the on Tuesdays for chronic pain issues from the car accident)...or we'd delve right into a rambling rant on this piece of art (Magritte's, This Is Not A Pipe), a piece we've referenced in our writing more than once; and at one point, even in a poem.

Tonight we're here to say...we were just working, albeit slowly because sentence structure does not seem to be our forte this evening, on the story about when we started culinary school; about Partner In Crime, the girl we mentioned in yesterdays post; about when we met her, fell in love/lust with her - then met another girl who fell in love with us, while The Other Girl fell in love with Standby; at one point we were living with a boyfriend and sleeping with another guy (AND Standby AND this girl who was fell in love with us).

Sounds confusing? Try unravelling in all into something YOU'LL be able to understand. No wonder our head is pounding. We're gonna come off like a giant team of sluts with this one - I'd like to think if I had had more influence at this point none of it would have happened. Promise though...we're not sluts…despite what it looks like. We’re generally a team of sluts dedicated to one person at a time, if a relationship is something that we end up in.
New here and don't know who Standby is? Yeah, he's just another fucker we pseudo-dated...go to the tab up there named Recommendations...scroll down to the Relationships section...there is some stuff written about him...there is a whole lot of stuff written about him all over this blog, actually, stuff written by The Other Girl, and by some of us. Stuff he found and got really angry about. The Other Girl was in love with him, some of us liked him; I disliked him immensely. He was a giant asshole; I knew it but The Other Girl didn't heed any of the warnings...

New here and don't know who WE are? You'll have to catch up using the same Recommendations tab, or over look there to the left where there are important groupings of links.

Anyway, we're working on that story...

...and here are some things that made us smile tonight....

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  1. Before I talk about drinking too much, I'll start with a quick thank you for the support links you have for my Amazon biz to the right of where I'm typing this right now. You so rock for helping me in this way. Okay, so I stopped drinking altogether on Super Bowl Sunday this year, whenever that was. I went for quite a while with nothing to drink and then I had a bottle of wine one night on a #ww, then drinks when I went to a concert and during a Mavs finals game. I'm allowing myself to drink on #ww and special occasions now and it's working out alright. I don't think 3 times/week is too much, but I don't know about getting hammered 3 times/week. Y'all may not be the kind that can stop at a couple of drinks, though. Getting drunk will always lead to less effective productivity the following day, in my opinion. But everyone is different. Anyway, those are my quick thoughts. Take from them what you will and have a great week, Frankie!