Saturday, June 18, 2011

We Bitch About Our Smart Phone: A Review!

There was no post for the last two days. Thursday we were skipping around downtown having fun, and took a trip to the top of a parking garage where we drank a wine cooler and then got angry about BlackBerry cellphones; then we went home and hung out with Fabulous People and The Pup, who are the friends we see once a week outside of work - unless you count Fuck Face; we are count him less and less everyday, though he is a Fantastic drinking partner.

Last night what kept us from writing was a Skype date with a very lovely man from England who is coming to visit us in about a month; but we can talk more about him another day. Maybe.

At least once a day, if not more, we are right pissed about the state of our BlackBerry, it's functioning, it's battery life, whose lifespan is severly decreasing everyday, even though we've only had the damn thing since October.

Hey, this is our first technology "review". What really constitutes a review. Maybe this isn't one after all. Who knows. Who cares. 

The cellphone ... "smart phone" if you can call it that, in question is the BlackBerry Torch 9800

They say that the Blackberry is the most secure cellphone there is; Thursday night we joked with Fabulous People that the only reason they are secure is because the battery is always dead, or kicking its way to deaths door, so even if someone wanted to hack it it would probably drain the battery with the mere attempt of it. Look! It's securely dead!

On Thursday when our battery died after a very short amount of time and we had so many plans to attend to to go home, we went to a local electronics store in between activities to see about getting a spare battery. The clerk of the store stated that BlackBerry cell phones use more battery power than most other phones, and he showed us the option, which is to say the one brand that they carried for this particular cell phone. At the price of nearly $70.00 we decided that as much as we live and breath by our cellphones ability to connect us to the world...meh...sometimes breathing is overrated...apparently.

It literally dies in an 8 hour span when it has not been touched once. If we use it, it's about an hour of use before it's kicking at the red bar of battery death.

Some of the everyday problems we have with it is it's propensity to freeze up, (you'd think Microsoft had created the operating software...oh...maybe they did? We'll have to check into that. It would make a whole lot of sense). We discussed BlackBerrys with one of our services suppliers at work, he has the same model that we have, and he also has problems with his routinely freezing. He said he even tried to remove most of the content from it, thinking it was a memory overload, but it didn't rectify the freezing issue.

We don't run apps other than Twitter and Facebook, though we do have a few it we rarely use so that's not the issue with it. (Which apps, you ask? Well....nothing very fun or interesting when compared with the time suck that is Twitter mobile)

Not only does the phone freeze but its network finding skills suck, or rather don't, because it can't seem to find AND hold onto a signal, and even when it does it operates slowly a quarter of the time. Basically its signal quality is poor, which sometimes has to do with the "3-G" network in our city, but it is also unable to catch a signal in the basement at work, where our office is; so it spends it's day, until recently, constantly searching for a signal. (we thought that may have been the battery drain source, but a test of the found that it wasn't the case).

It really is a piece of ever loving shit; but, it's paid for, and it's too new to replace.

It also might have something to do with us though...we must consider that.

A new Fleshie friend, a "real life" person who we have not written about yet, said that the phone probably doesn't work well because when it freezes we bash it with the palm of our hand; we must also take into consideration how much we drop the fucking thing on sidewalks and the floor of our apartment; and how many times it crashes and goes skidding down the faux-tile of the hall at work. Fuck Face usually gets on us about that, about how we "don't take good care of" our phone. We usually tell him to "fuck off" because everybody drops their phone at some point, if not many points, and they should be designed to withstand something like that.

But still. Since there are others that have the same problems we'd prefer to blame the device, not our clumsiness.

So, that's that.

Not a very good blog entry, we know. The weather has been decent and it makes us distracted; and we've been feeling sort of anxious this week, on and off - not for anything in particular...but, well, it's hard to explain.

We will be starting to talk about The Other Girl soon; in two days it will be the one year anniversary of when she moved this blog here, and we tried to get her to start writing to help us, to help her. We want to tell you a little about what she was like, and share some of her travel journals with you this week.

In the meantime, if the weather in your area is shitty, or your the type who likes to hang out indoors with air conditioning in the summer...maybe you want to read some of the crap that's kickin' around this blog - do you like concentrated crap? Then try this page: Recommendations - Weeded From Our ... Feeded?

June 20, 2010 - when The Other Girl moved our life to this blog:

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  1. We have an expression over here: If in doubt, give it a clout. It's served me well for years. And it's something that can be applied to every aspect of life!
    And when we talk about "crap-berries" we're not talking about poor... toilet habits.