Tuesday, June 21, 2011

We Get Written About: Examiner.com

We are running behind on posting...tonight, at some point, we plan to write about The Other Girl....we've mentioned her a lot these last few months but we want to tell you about her; we want to take this week to talk about her a bit and share some of her writing seeing as it's the year anniversary of when she started this blog here at Blogger.com. It's been hard getting around to talking/writing about her because, while I am fine with her being gone (having had the largest part in it happening), it makes some of us upset. Some of them who spent much more time with her than I did.

Meanwhile, we want to do this "extra" entry today, just in case we don't get around to the one planned for tonight (promise, promise, we'll try) to tell you about one of our followers, and friend, on Twitter who has written about us recently. Vicki Brunson (), a writer for Examiner.com - National  from Topeka, Kansas, has written about us this past week as part of a series she is doing called Bloggers Doing Good.

In the past month or so she has also asked us questions that we posted in a blog entry, that have helped her, and others, get a little more insight on life with Dissociative Identity Disorder; our life at least.

If you have time to read a little, check out her article(s), we we're the third in a series.

Or read what she has written about us Bloggers doing good: Just Call Me Frank.

Thanks goes out to Vicki from most of us for helping us raise awareness on mental health issues. While some of the content on this blog does not pertain to mental health specifically (
but serves as a past-time/hobby for us, and an example of how "normal" we actually all are), there is a lot of content here that deals with the origins of our disorder, our personal experience(s) with Dissociative Identity Disorder (formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder), and resources to provide more information for people to learn about it.

Some of the personal recommended reads:

The Mental Health Entries:
Dissociative Identity Disorder/Multiple Personality Disorder
Other stuff we have written, including links to poetry, paintings and some lighter stuff: Recommendations - Weeded From Our ... Feeded?

We hope you all have a great afternoon/evening/morning. We're going to finish our work day and drinking with our drinking buddy.


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