Friday, May 6, 2011

Envisage of We: A Poem

~ May is Mental Health Awareness Month ~

Monday's Post: Mental Health Awareness Month: Our Introduction 

Our girly friend, @kimbykat from Twitter, wanted to play a little game of words. We gave each other a word and then were tasked to write a poem that contained the word. We haven't seen hers yet, and we've been sitting with this one in our blog drafts for a couple of weeks.

Tonight felt like a good night to post it because we're just not feeling very ... well... there is no word to describe what we're not feeling...or what we are feeling...we feel weird.

We've recently spread ourselves over a couple more blogs, because let's be honest...there is not enough room for the many that are We in just one we made a poetry blog where we moved all our archived and current poetry.

Nearly 20 years of our poetry
Our other blog is a mapping blog for the We to use to figure each other out...we'll supply the address in a post soon, though the link is around here somewhere....

The word Kimby gave us was:

Envisage of We
We will

Wave her flag,
Play in her ashes.
Now apart,
She would not;
Embracing and never
willing to fight,
For We.

She was
A game of tag,
We behind lashes.
Not smart,
She could not;
Envisage a forever,
killing our rights,
For She.

(c) 2011 Frank et al
Have a beautiful weekend everybody...we'll be writing some more stories about our life, painting,  and hopefully feel normal enough to have a good time on Twitter

For the month of May, Mental Health Awareness Month, we will be posting this at he bottom of each of our entries, to help provide additional information about us, and about DID/MPD

10 Things You Should Know About US That MIGHT Surprise YOU:
  1. We used to be a Baptist missionary (yeah, can you fucking believe that shit?!) [we are NOT religious]
  2. We were once married (didn’t last long) [one of our stories talks about him]
  3. We have had nearly 30 physical addresses in 30 years, mostly as an adult (nothing could contain us in the early days) [we actually own a house, but choose not to live in it]
  4. We’ve lived in 2 countries: 1 province and 6-7 different states (running much)
  5. We have lost 120 pounds since the age of 24 (100 of it when we were 24) [and it's close to 140 pounds now)
  6. We have a full time job (well, now it's 32 hours a week - but they actually let us work around the other humans!) [it get's harder everyday, and this is the longest we've ever had a single job since we were 17. We've been there almost a year]
  7. We deal with social anxiety type symptoms every day (and these days we choose not to leave home much, but for going to work) [there are about three people we feel comfortable with being in public with and sometimes we have to be out there alone]
  8. We have multiple “mental illness” diagnoses (doesn't everybody?) [p.s. all misdiagnosed]
  9. We have two beautiful cats, who piss us off every day (but they are special, because they put up with us) [though one of us hates them beyond belief]
  10. We have struggled to survive, over and over, defeating the odds thrown against us (read our stories) [seriously, how are we not dead yet?]

    We've copied the stories written here that are specifically about our past (mostly abuse) and moved them to our other blog, called:
Addressing The Issue of Frank: The Origins, History and Life Story of Frank, from "Just Call Me Frank: One Womans Endeavour At Being Frank"  
Some of our writing on this blog we like to promote, these are those entries since mid-January 2011. There are bits of writing in this blog that we do not actually promote due to embarrassment over things that some have written - they are here for our own tracking - they are angry, mean, scary things. If you feel like it you can find them on your own. Here are the highlights of what we have written so far this year:

The Mental Health Entries: 
Dissociative Identity Disorder/Multiple Personality Disorder
Humour/Random Fun:

If you have any questions for us we are very open and will answer to our best ability - this is totally the month to ask us questions. You can either ask us on Twitter, in the comment section of a blog entry here, or e-mail us at justcallmefrank2010 (at)

Resources for You - facts, figures and personal stories of other people can be found on these sites:
National Institute of Mental Health:
American Psychological Association:
Canadian Mental Health Association:
Mental Health Europe:
World Psychiatric Association:

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