Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cooking Shepherd's Pie With Us, Drunk

~ May is Mental Health Awareness Month ~
Monday's Post: Mental Health Awareness Month: Our Introduction
Tuesday's Post: We Just Need A Good Map:

We have a culinary arts education, honestly we do.

One thing we've never been able to do is cook under the influence. We've tried...doesn't work so well.

Guess what, we cooked drunk tonight.

Had to happen.
Fabulous People and The Pup were over tonight, as they usually do on Thursday night. They are the only people we socialize with outside of work...besides Fuck Face, who is the reason we were drinking, because we like to go out and drink with him. We even went to an art gallery for a few minutes.

 We usually cook on Thursday nights (we're a good cook when we work together, and when we cook for other people). Tonight we made (are making at the time of this writing) Sheppard's Pie...we've had some (5 glasses) win to drink so...hopefully it turns out alright.

 We've got pictures....and a recipe...(sorta)

 (wait, what's Shepherds Pie? Only the best comfort food ever, if done right; a casserole of ground beef, carrots, and potato (we like to add peas and corn). Anyway everything is mixed together, with gravy, after being cooked and then topped with mashed potatoes. It's wonderful.

Everything with potatoes is wonderful. Potatoes are the bacon of the wanna-be vegetable world)

So...this is our Thursday night blog entry.

Make Sheppard's Pie...if we can do it drunk - you can do it sober...

here are no specified amounts - make it how you like it -  we skipped the onion and the garlic, because we thought that tonight that would be too much work. If you choose to use it we recommend sauteeing it with the ground beff. Oh, and don't foget the salt and pepper. Or do, that the hell do we care?

Ground lamb/beef
Frozen corn
Frozen peas and carrots
Bakers potatoes and butter
Onion, diced

 For the Gravy:
Beef broth

 Boil potatoes (we did skin on because we've been drinking and are too lazy to peel them)

Sautee onion and garlic in butter (or oil...bacon fat work if you have it around. YAY BACON!), add ground lamb/beef after the onion turns translucent (don't know what translucent means?
Fucking Google it) - once the ground beef/lamb is cooked add frozen vegetable to it (or fresh if you're going to be a pretentious ass about cooking drunk)

 When the potatoes are cooked, mash them.

 Make the damn gravy while you are at tit. Here's a video:

Once all the shit is cooked, put the beef and veggies in the bottom of a oven proof dish (or a non-oven proof dish if you want to start a fire and have some fireman show up) - mix in gravy and then top with potatoes.
Put in the oven at about 350 degrees F for about 15-20 minutes if it's all still warm; 30-40 if you made it drunk and saved it for later.

Melt cheese on top if you want. Who doesn't fucking love cheese? You? Well, then you suck.

Shred it (the cheese), put it on top, cover it or don't cover it, and throw it in the oven for about 15 more minutes, depending on how much you like your cheese melted...if you have had a few more drinks then maybe you like it crispy.

It's good with ketchup when it's done, but that's just our poor white trash roots seeping through. The Pup liked it with Bulls Eye Barbecue sauce.

Eat it. Hopefully your still drunk (and maybe high) by the time it's done; it will taste better than you can imagine that way.

From here...

to almost gone....yeah, we had other pictures - but we ate those too.
It was super tasty.
Another cooking entry - a sober one: Cooking With Frank

For the month of May, Mental Health Awareness Month, we will be posting this at he bottom of each of our entries, to help provide additional information about us, and about DID/MPD

10 Things You Should Know About US That MIGHT Surprise YOU:
  1. We used to be a Baptist missionary (yeah, can you fucking believe that shit?!) [we are NOT religious]
  2. We were once married (didn’t last long) [one of our stories talks about him]
  3. We have had nearly 30 physical addresses in 30 years, mostly as an adult (nothing could contain us in the early days) [we actually own a house, but choose not to live in it]
  4. We’ve lived in 2 countries: 1 province and 6-7 different states (running much)
  5. We have lost 120 pounds since the age of 24 (100 of it when we were 24) [and it's close to 140 pounds now)
  6. We have a full time job (well, now it's 32 hours a week - but they actually let us work around the other humans!) [it get's harder everyday, and this is the longest we've ever had a single job since we were 17. We've been there almost a year]
  7. We deal with social anxiety type symptoms every day (and these days we choose not to leave home much, but for going to work) [there are about three people we feel comfortable with being in public with and sometimes we have to be out there alone]
  8. We have multiple “mental illness” diagnoses (doesn't everybody?) [p.s. all misdiagnosed]
  9. We have two beautiful cats, who piss us off every day (but they are special, because they put up with us) [though one of us hates them beyond belief]
  10. We have struggled to survive, over and over, defeating the odds thrown against us (read our stories) [seriously, how are we not dead yet?]

    We've copied the stories written here that are specifically about our past (mostly abuse) and moved them to our other blog, called:
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  1. shepherds pie is our family's alltime favorite comfort food. nothing better.