Monday, April 11, 2011

Seriously...And @NickSilly Answers Some Questions


We were sitting at our desk on Saturday night while The Jeans, Fabulous People and The Pup were enjoying drinks and the company of each other. We all do get along with them fabulously.

Anyway, we were looking at our cat, laying under our painting and remembering when it pooped in front of it in the middle of the night.

"One of the cats shit in front of the painting we are working on. Opinion, or a sort of installation art; hard to tell. Happy fucking Monday." Tweet from that morning.

So, we're looking at the cat who happened to be sleeping in the spot that one of them crapped in, wondering why he would do that. Then we started thinking about how long ago that was, because it feels like forever. It was a week ago. One crappy week ago.

This past week was tough, it's been a LONG week. Monday we started off by nearly losing 32 hours of our 40 hour work week; then on Wednesday we met Marisa, a recovered Dissociative Identity Disorder/Multiple Personality (DID/MPD) "sufferer", and it didn't go well for us at all at first, we freaked right out about it; and Thursday we got random and a bunch of Us came out to write; Friday we ended the relationship with the man we love, wrote about it yesterday and revealed he was a married man. (stop your damn judging already). So Tuesday ended up being a good day which is odd because generally Tuesdays are very bad for us, given that awful room we have to be in, and all the people we have to deal with on those days.

That We survived last week is a testament to the Team of We and that we've survuived everything in our life is proof that We generally work well together.

Speaking of We, given that Marisa answered some of our questions on Thursday, we've been working on sorting out the situation of while we paint this evening, and Tweet, because we love our Tweeple...most days; we will be working on finding the others...and will be having chats with them. Painting always helps...

Meanwhile, we've got some @nickysilly AND @darbymagical videos for you...
Nicky is a long standing #TeamAwesome member (if you're on Twitter, follow them, you won't regret it) who's been with us from the begining, which is to say a few month ago when we started Tweeting as Us on Twitter - mid January.

By the way, help Nicky out by using this link next time you shop on ->

And now.....
@darbymagical answers our question about whether or not she likes having @nickysilly's hand up her butt...we though she was a real oven mitt actually....

Then we asked @darbymagical is she thought we'd ever have a boyfriend again...

That's our silly post (Thanks Nicky!), we needed a night off so we can regroup, and think about what we will write about this week. 

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