Friday, April 8, 2011

We Get Angry / We Fuck Off For The Night

Because we feel a duty to put something here everyday. This is it. Other than posting this crappy entry, we're going to fuck off, maybe play on Twitter and do laundry - drink the rest of the scotch straight from the bottle. Oh, and curl on the floor and sob, while one of us berates the other for our decisions, and one of us cries because she is upset that we've broken up with the man we love. That sentence is one confusing piece of shit. Our head is pounding like a mother.

With everything in our life such as it is this week:
We had given our FNA three weeks notice on the termination of our relationship, a little over two weeks ago; because we're cool like that. Given everything, and his ass hole tendencies, tonight we pulled the plug 9 days early, demanding the key to our apartment be given back tomorrow.

The pub crawl, our first night drinking out in public this year, will no longer contain the same players. The Jeans has decided that he will take the place of FNA. Fabulous People and The Pup are scheduled as usual.

To be honest, we don't even know if we want The Jeans there either. Our douche bag tolerance is at an all time low. We know one (two? who the hell knows anymore) of us wants him there. We're just not agreeing on anything these days. It's not his fault, exactly, that he reminds us so much of FNA. And we're just a mess of fragments trying to arrange our self.

Meanwhile, catch up on other shit. For example:

Erase This Poem - a poem we wrote in dedication to our LOVE for FNA. Fucker.

And these #oldiebutgoodies




Evil of Three: A Painting

...there are literally countless things to read about here, some relevant, some not.

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