Friday, April 29, 2011

We Is Blogging Drunk...Again...

We're a unicorn...what the hell do you want? (the image, of a drunk unicorn  that would make that sentence more clear, has been removed as of 9/3/2012)

Yeah, well...we've been drinking again, which means we can't really write...big surprise there...even with as many of us as there are here...drunk is drunk when you share the same's just too hard to write paragraphs and edit them so they make sense to someone other than Us...

Don't f'n judge us...until after you read something we didn't write drunk...THEN you can judge us.

Look, we never get out of the apartment, but we got to go out with all the people we enjoy (Fabulous People, Fuck Face, and Important Boss - minus The Pup) all at once. With the looming weekend ahead of us being all by ourself, but for all our Twitter friends...we deserve to have a drink (or 2, or 5...whatever). We haven't slept much in days...we're a little...more than whatever.

Read yesterday's post...which is also a drunk post, but has more words...or something; but the same archives.

Let's just say that some of us are a little angry about some of our behavior...mainly the weakness (FNA/The Jeans/Fuck Face) we know who he is. We're gonna replace him. We promise. Because we have to. Soon. He's just bad for the We. We'll just eat 'em and throw him out; because we can do so much better. So. Much. Better. (we just have to want to)

(yeah, it's Ke$ha...colour us ashamed [clearly], but this song is pretty wicked cool..p.s. you could probably stand being a little sweeter, FF, every once in awhile, you complete HORSE'S ass)

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  1. Well theres nothing like being drunk and letting the words flow. This is a great blog. Also very detailed, its like a whole different world.