Friday, April 1, 2011

Mental Health Night Off

We are actually taking this Friday night off from writing, and not because we're crying our eyes out for some reason or another; or having an anxiety attack or any other variety of attacks! Let's call it a mental health night off.

We have some more writing to do over the weekend, so there will be fresh stuff, as early as tomorrow; and painting to do too. 

Tonight we will enjoy some scotch, what's left of our jelly beans, and hang out with our Twitter pals, until we Tweet so much we are #TweetBlocked, which happens all the time. 

Here are some things for new readers, if you're the reading type; and if you haven't been around in awhile, some things to catch up on.

Confused about WHO we are or WHAT we are all about?

Relationships, Frank...and Love

Stress and Expediential Weight Loss

...there are literally countless things to read about here, some relevant, some not.

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