Sunday, July 8, 2012

Fishing and Other Things

Not our actual fish, but that's a walleye face!
Went fishing yesterday, it was awesome to get back on the water. It'd been about 5 years since we were able to do that. We caught seven walleye, five to keep, two to release. James didn't get his fishing license until today when we went fishing for channel catfish - which is our favourite type of fish to catch. We didn't catch anything but for three goldeyes (James caught nothing) which are crap fish, unless you smoke them, which we were not prepared to do this week.

James got to watch us gut two of the walleye last night, making it the second type of animal he's gotten to watch us hack away skillfully at (the other being the deer from last fall).
We're just a load of American sexy resourcefulness, ya know.

Meanwhile, James is ill again, even though he braved it trying to fish with us today. We're taking him to the doctor tomorrow because it might be an infection from his vasectomy two months ago, as it's been reoccurring since then...which, if the case, is easy to fix with some antibiotic. *crosses fingers*

He loves it when we talk about his "junk" with people. Really.

Other potential good news on the horizon. We dare not mention it. One of us tends on the superstitious side (which is stupid).

We're teeting on the cusp of something awesome though!

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