Saturday, November 12, 2011

Frank Skins A Deer

**We'll say it because, well...there are some people who will find this offensive...this is a real dead deer...there are scenes of blood...(no real good ones of course). If you are offended by the practices of hunting/the procedure of processing animals please do not watch the video, rather we suggest you read the entry from a couple of days ago: anything else on this blog**

Yeah, so....we never did edit it (like we mentioned in the last few days of posts) - sometimes it's hard to keep on task and get anything done.

The audio was stripped away because The Mother was yapping in the background, and we were bitching about and/or saying stupid shit while lost in our own happy knife wielding world.

Why the outfit? Well, aside from the apron and the (duck) hunting "ski" mask, it's what we were wearing...together it looks ridiculous, we realize that. We also don't care. We hate doing laundry.

It was a small deer by any account, but wasn't exactly a (baby) Bambie
...and so, for fun, because *giggles* they said "Twitterpated"...

Yeah, we're sick, posting these two in the same blog entry.

We're okay with who we all are...and this is just some of us. Sick smart ass that we are today (often).

...and *gag* Disney...he was an evil evil man with many brilliant and mistreated people working beneath him.

~Frank et al 

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