Friday, November 4, 2011

Sweet Release And A Rant

We’re ready to get back in the swing of…sitting in The Mothers basement…we guess.; but really we’re ready to finish writing about the last two years, continuing to write more interesting blog posts (more life topics, special interest, those types), finishing a few websites we had started in September, and start planning our big adventure for the spring. And Twitter, of course (duh) :)

The sweet release is thanks to some of the things weighing on us heavily that got sorted our this past week when we were back in the city where we used to live.
  • ·         Apartment cleaned and keys turned in, check.
  • ·         Real Estate agent set to task cleaning up the shithole state of the house that was left by the former (and previous) tenant (at a hefty 7% commission charge, of course), check. We no longer have to worry about dealing with disrespectful wastes of oxygen.

Now all we do is sit and wait for the house to sell (hopefully it does), and start planning our trip to the United Kingdom…because James has to leave the country by mid-January for about two months…and we’re going with him (and so will you, via our blog and Twitter)! When we come back we’ll be starting our United States tour/Adventure, which we are getting excited about because we plan to meet some of our followers/friends. The list has already been started.

We’ll be adding a tab to this blog to keep our friends updated on the plans (such as states/cities we plan to visit and tweetups we are considering).

We know this isn’t a very exciting post tonight, but it is for us. We’re trying to find the positive in everything while tolerating this city in where we live...and less stress was an adequate start.

You know what we saw today at the grocery store? A sign at the checkout making sure customers using checks understood that the information on their checks were going to be used to withdraw the amount on the check from their accounts. How fucking dumb are people that they need that explained?! Furthermore, who the hell bothers using checks?

Coming back to America after seven years, to this city, is eye opening…and disheartening.

“You know, if we eliminated foods with MSG and high fructose corn syrup we won’t be eating any processed food.” We loudly exclaimed to James (The Boyfriend) as we were going up and down the aisles at the grocery store, trying to figure out our new eating practices/habits (it's harder now, believe it or not). We, as well as James, have concerns about some of the things they put in foods here, such as High Fructose Corn Syrup.
It’s appalling. Why do you need to add High Fructose Corn Syrup to Corn Flakes (in addition to regular sugar) and Special K?! Other countries do not do this.

Somehow other countries (Canada, namely) can even make a quality frozen pizza with half the calories and no HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup)…why can’t the United States? We’ve been searching all over this city for a new frozen pizza brand to replace our old favourites (McCain International Thin Crust and Dr. Oetkers), because sometimes we just feel like eating a frozen pizza (we don’t really like delivery pizza). So far we have failed at finding anything close to it because the calories in processed pizzas available in these grocery stores is astounding.

We also went in search of a bookstore today (looking for a laminated map of the United States) only to find out in a city of over 50,000 they only have one small bookstore in their tiny bleak excuse for a mall (the bookstore we remember being there is now replaced a children’s clothing store…) the guy at the bookstore didn’t even understand what we meant when we expressed ourselves.

“Are you the only bookstore in this city?” 
“Yes”, he said. 
“That’s tragic” we replied, and were met with a blank stare.

Is this America? What is happening to it?


Thank you for reading our rant…we’re going to enjoy our wine now (and dinner) and try to erase the memory of todays disappointments, and embrace the sweet release of less stress.

~Catherine (et als)

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