Sunday, October 2, 2011

Trying To Locate The "Human" In "Humanity" (Part I)

Turns out…bleh.

We don’t know how to start this post, so we’ll just start it by...

This weekend is just another where people prove to us why humanity…sucks…and why there is nothing “humane” about "humanity".

From the people yesterday who yelled “Faggots!” out of a moving car at us and James/The Boyfriend…(meanwhile, we’re female, so it was nothing but misdirected hatred of some sort) while we were standing at a bus stop; to the people who were laughing at us as we very gently danced, while sitting, on a bus bench, smiling happily at James, listening to the music from another vehicle…they stared, they laughed...we don't know why. We're not funny looking, nor were we being excessive in our movements. They stared, we looked, they stared...laughed...joked, said things we couldn't understand/hear...all the while looking at us. We tried not to pay attention...tried not to notice.

Other things yesterday brought to mind apocalyptic movies where people are on drugs, and acting all rude and insane…laughing and mocking from vehicles with no warranted reason. We're not sure if you understand those kinds of scenes, from movies where society has eroded and people are insane...but really, these days it feels like you can just look out the window.

So much pain.

Then today, more trouble with our rental property, after getting new tenants in July and letting them live there , rent free, for a month, in exchange for tossing out all the garabge/belongings the last tenant had leftwhen she skipped out (turns out the police had a warrant, busted down the back door and raided the house, which is probably why she fled…awesome that they bothered calling the person who owns the house, after permanently damaging the backdoor/property).

So, we let the new tenants live there for free in July, August they paid the cash portion of the rent, and because they are on disability, the government paid the remainder…which was already $300 less than we had previously rented the house for. We wrote about how we lowered the rent because we though wetrusted them and wanted someone there who we could trust.

September hit and we were given excuses as to why the $200 cash could no be paid, so-and-so hadn’t been working as much, blah blah blah.

Friday was September 30th, the last day of the month, so we texted one of the guys (“Guy A”) who rents our house, there are three, and asked about Septembers $200, and when we could expect it, and now Octobers $200, since “tomorrow is October”.

Us: “Do you guys have the $200 for September? Tomorrow is October…”

Nothing was heard until Saturday when he said to contact “Guy B”. So we texted him and inquired “Hey, Guy B, Guy A said to text you about the $200 for September, and now the $200 for October. Let me know when you are available to drop it off.”

What follows is an exact transcript of the text communication…

Guy B: “Im still waiting to here wot is going on you dot wwont to deill with this and I cant live in hous and half to dill with it. Im at camp will tex you wen I get back today.

Us: “I talked to you about it already, I’m not getting a realtor until next week, you still owe rent, despit not wanting to deal with it you are all living there. Text when you get back to the city”

Guy B: “If you going to tock to me like that we will go the rent men this week to sit don to talk war I have witness I dot trus you and we have repars to have don let the rentill men deill with this then.

Us: “I cannot understand anything you are writing other than “talk to me like that” and I’m really not sure what you mean that.

Guy B: “I wrote you to let you know I am at the camp ad would like to talk to you when I get back, and you mentioned the money owimg? We need to sit down and talk when I get back to the city, today would be best”

Us: “Yes. Guy A said to talk to you about the rent. Today would be excellent. Text me when you know what time, and where, works for you.”

Guy B: “Thank you”

About an hour and a half passed and we got a text that he would be here in ten minutes. The time between the last exchange and the final text we tried to understand his texts…what exactly was he saying about not trusting us…why did he feel like he shouldn’t pay the rest of the rent. We fumed, lets be honest...there was a lot of yelling at, but not directed at, The Boyfriend.

Yes, Guy B was upset about having to move out of the house…we have a hard time feeling sorry for him though…seeing as we have to move out of the COUNTRY, and fuck you, sorry for your fucking inconvenience.

We met him on the steps of our building, the exchange only took about 90 seconds…and before we knew it we hadn’t raised our voice once…but we had requested he didn’t yell at us…

Guy A stated how “He’s not yelling, trust me”, all of a sudden Guy C doesn’t live there anymore, he couldn’t stay because he didn’t want to live his life “up in the air”.

They are upset because we have to sell the house and they have to move our, they love the house. They (2 of the 3) are on disability, one of them have many issues and does not deal with change very well; despite the fact, Guy C lived there in September and so they owe for that rent.

We explain the rent is still the same, at least for the last month, and they still have to pay it…and all of a sudden, within seconds, there is a shit.

Guy B is yelling at us, despite previously stating he would pay the rent, his portion, for November, and December, and any month needed…now he is yelling that consider this his month notice and they will be out by the end of the month…before we know it the two are storming down the sidewalk, he turns to yell at us, stating that we had made an agreement of 3 years, standing in the kitchen (it should be noted that since renting to them we have NEVER talked to Guy B in the house because he has never been around the two times we have stopped by, so we do not know what kitchen his is referring to).

All of a sudden he yells before getting into the car, calling us a “Fucking schizophrenic retard”…

James puts his hands over our ears, but it’s too late. We stare at the guys getting into the vehicle. It’s too late, the words have been digested. Tears rush to our eyes.

We are not schizophrenic.

They pull away from the curb and James stands up, Guy A gets out of the car, in the middle of the street, in an aggressive manor, and Guy B yells something to James about “Whitey” (it should be noted that all involved, the two renters, are at least half “white” each, misdirected anger, clearly)…

We yell at them as they drive away, after collecting ourselves, flipping them the finger. There are people all over, watching. They don’t care, neither do we.

We called the non-emergency number to file a complaint about our teneants verbally harassing us, but apparently nobody can do anything, but the “tenancy board” can be a mediator, so we have to call them tomorrow.

Without ending this abruptly we will mention we called Fabulous People, because Guy A is her cousin, to ask her what their (the guys') problem was. She was shocked at the behaviour and was sure to mention that she had just found out that Guy B actually suffers from schizophrenia.

Without repeating what all we said, because it starts to get fuzzy now…we will say this…

We are mentally "disabled". We also have very low tolerance for other mentally disabled, semi-functional, people. Be a fucking adult. Learn to manage your illness. Being mentally disabled is not an excuse for your poor behaviour. You are not entitled to anything different than anyone else. This is life. Do you think ours is fucking easy? NO. 32 years of abuse and mental illness, countless mental illness diagnoses, tons of medication…fuck you if you feel entitiled.
<end rant>

Obviously these guys, three of them who split rent at $700 a month, two who get their rent paid by disability, all of whom get their utilities paid by the government, feel like they have a right to shirk their responsiblkities as adults, and hide behind their illness. Or maybe they are just assholes...either way...fuck you, assholes. And not just those. Fuck you, assholes.

Sure, we could have said the meanest rudest shit to them possible, if only they hadn’t yelled their insults while getting into and from a moving vehicle, like so many other pussies we encountered over the weekend.

You’re real ballsy, you asses, you fucking idiots, who think you can mistreat people and run.

Sorry. Not sorry. NOT sorry. We’re tired of the world, we’re tired of being beaten down at every corner, we’re tired of seeing what’s left of humanity, the good humanity, be destroyed by a civilization who is full of self-interested, self-entitled, self-important, fuckwads…slowly and slowly ...all people care about is themselves…and slowly and slowly tolerance for people who don’t, people who want to do good, is eroding. The destruction of humanity.

That’s all.

We’re going to drink now…because is it any fucking wonder why we do?

We want out of this city, we want out of this everywhere, if it wasn't for the 1% (Fabulous Person...and to a lesser degree, Fuck Face) of this city, James our boyfriend, and our friends on Twitter…we'd been dead this year, by our own hand, because the world just keeps getting more disappointing to some of us, to most of us, collectively to all of us, we guess.

We want people to not suck. We want our innocence back, whatever of it we ever had…because holy fuck...we probably, collectively, never had it. Dreams. Can we survive on dreams? We certainly cannot on luck because just when we think we get it, we're reminded we never really had it...and we beg the question again, apparently...'Being A Good Person; What's The Point?' (

<apologies for all the spelling/grammar errors, I have been drinking...and I have not been around much recently and so...well, that's not really an excuse, but sorry>

A struggle...we struggle...we hate to's all destruction...
and we can't help but's an endless circle...with no inner peace.

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