Monday, October 10, 2011

Our Last Canadian Thanksgiving

It’s Canadian Thanksgiving…

So, this year, for the last year, we will be celebrating two Thanksgivings (not that we celebrated the American one more than once or twice in the last seven years)…in two weeks we are moving back to the United States…and we’re a thankful for that.

We are so done with this city, this country.

We’ve met great people, and a far number of not so great ones. It’s expensive to live here on almost every level…say what you will about “free” healthcare. Taxes are insanely high, from the stores to the income taxes, property taxes and more. And the “free” healthcare only gets you so far; you still have to pay for things like an ambulance, and specialty doctors, if you don’t get a referral from your family doctor, who can take weeks to get to see you.

We suck for writing today, and yesterday. Stress levels are high after the last three days of trying to serve Termination papers to our tenants for Non-Payment of rent. They won’t even open the front door to us, just stand there in the porch, yell and slam the interior porch door. They are breaking all sorts of rules by not letting us in the house, giving us a key to the front door that doesn’t work, not paying their rent…harassing us on the street last Sunday (

Wow, deviate much…we’ll stop there with the bitching, we could go on about what is bad about Canada, in much the same way we could about the United States; though we could probably find more fault in the USA if you were to survey each of us, but it’s also our home.

We are thankful, today in Canada, for another chance at going home....and next month spending the first American Thanksgiving with Baby Brother, Angry Brother and The Mother in over fifteen years...

~Frank et al

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