Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Why Our Twitter Account Name is “Me” and not “Us”

Yep, we're copying a Tumblr post over....why? Because we had a bit of a stressful night and day.

We got about three or four hours of sleep last night, it was hard getting to sleep because we were thinking about moving, and things we have to do to prepare and kept getting interrupted by some of us who are sad to be moving...and tears. Then it was hard to stay asleep and of course we woke up every hour and were awake before the alarm went off (which, btw, these days is:

Some of us like our apartment, like the city we live in, especially the part we live in ... and we're moving to live in The Mothers basement. We don't even want to take the room she keeps for us there...that's The Other Girls room...and is right across the hall from The Mother and The Stepfathers bedroom...so we plan on taking The Angry Brothers old bedroom, where he slept when he got in some trouble and had to go stay with The Mother for a couple of years. That's what happens when you create broken children..it's a revolving door of having to help them when they need time to figure shit out. It's why parents should do a good job the first time and try not to fuck their kids up. It's why we don't plan to have any. We'd surely fuck up some poor soul that would be born with amazing potential...and we could never bear the guilt.

We're scared of this move, even though we are excited, because it's almost the middle of nowhere, compared to where we live now...we're scared because whenever we visit her all we want to do is eat, and that's going to make us fight (some of us hate when we eat). Ant it's going to be an everyday battle, and there are no jobs in the town/city where she lives...and...there is just so much. But it'll be less stress than the last year. It has to be.

I'm nervous, but today not paranoid. We got stressed by the tenants that live in our house...who were not happy to hear we were going to be selling it soon...but that's a story for another day.

We decided to move the Tumblr post that Ivy wrote this past weekend over to here "The Big Blog"...so here it is.

Frank and I are going to drink now, because we need to be able to fall asleep tonight and it seems that wine does that for us, eventually...help us fall asleep.

~Catherine (& Frank...she's here too)

We get a lot of people asking…

“Shouldn’t your account be called @JustCallUsFrank?” or why isn’t it.

If you read our blog you know that the one of us to start the blog, and this account (The Other Girl, our core*, who no longer exists) did so trying to hide who she was, and who we were. Once she started the account, that was linked to our “Big Blog” then we decided not to change it. Too much work, and we were under a lot of distress to worry about such things. Now…it’s pretty much stuck.

In addition, while we are many of us, we wish to be treated like any other person, be treated as one. We don’t want our illness to define us. Mental illness should not define anyone.
If you’ve read our boyfriends blog you know what a struggle that can be for him, treating us as one. It shouldn’t be hard for you people on Twitter to deal with. Just do it.

At any given moment we can be a different person, and sometimes more than one at once…for those of you who don’t read our other blogs that makes no sense….but in the meantime, our desire to be treated as one makes us appreciate having our blog and accounts named Just Call Me Frank…because we don’t want people, outside of our boyfriend and super-close friends, calling us anything else (and even then, only some of us want to be, and are allowed to be, called by our real names)

Plus, it’s a user name. Get the fuck over it and deal with it. Do you use YOUR real name? No. So we choose to use only one of our names. There are nine of us, just like in real life, we have to use The Other Girls name (the one of our birth certificate), here we have to use Franks. How hard is that really to understand?

Shouldn't be. AND it should[n't] matter to you. (she wrote while drinking...we had to fix that with brackets...)

Thanks for reading. This was inspired by yet another person asking a stupid irrelevant question…and 140 characters not being enough to explain it.

~Ivy (and some et al)

P.S. The harshness is a bit of an edge from a bottle (+) of wine…but anyone who knows us knows we're not angry…just…us

*that's a DID term...which you can find more information about, if you care to, on one of our other blogs...http://wearejcmf.blogspot.com/ (the terms are on the left hand side)

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