Friday, September 30, 2011

No Balance Found


It's impossible right now for us to find the balance of work, Twitter (which we love) and relationship "duties" (spending time with him, listening to him...)...and everything else the "9 of 9" want...(granted, it's not always all 9...but feels like 100)

Luckily we have a week left and then a lot of spare time. We have some entries we want to write that actually take some research, some opinion addition to the rest of our history.

It's Friday and as such it's date night...which means a lot less least the part where we get to read the funny things people write, and respond to the things they say.

New here?

or this weeks entry that contains some of our best archived writing:

We've had massive headaches all day (sometimes typical with our condition...and we know why they are happening...). We've got stuff to try to accomplish, like taking a shower, going out for dinner...and *shakes head* maybe shopping. We don't know. It feels like, as usual, there are 100 things to be doing (with as many of us wanting desires to be fulfilled...painting, writing, dancing, sleeping, playing video games, watching movies, hanging out with the boyfriend, playing on Twitter, shopping, eating...oy, my head is spinning...and pounding.

The dishwasher said he could see our headache on our face this morning.

Anyway. That's us for today. Headaches, anxiety, anger under the surface, failing at life (feeling like it anyway).

Happy Friday.

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