Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Probably Not A Whole Lot Is New

Didn't write much tonight, for the usual reasons...catch up on the last few days...there's archived material in them there posts...and another guest blogger entry from the beautiful Kerry Stott, about S.A.D...and we'll catch up later, maybe...

In the meantime, hey! Someone returned The Boyfriends wallet! ( of course the money and weekly bus pass were missing and the lost and found asked the woman why she hadn't returned it sooner, and the woman lied...clearly we should never work in such a place where we have to deal with liars because she had a lame (lie of an) excuse...and we would have yelled "No! It's because you're a lying fucking bitch!"....$100 dollars and a $21 bus pass stolen, likely she realized she wouldn't be able to us all the credit/bank/cash cards within without a password...but the happiness on The Boyfriends face was enough to know that that despite the woman being scum,, his happy smile is beautiful, even if it's only for a silly $30 wallet, and some cards that he already had replaced. (P.S. so quickly we were impressed by the U.K.!)

Yeah, nothing much new today, 7 work days left before some much needed rest...even though we were unemployed a little over a month ago, when we got fired, we were still stressed at the prospect of finding employment, though it didn't take long to find a new one, so this is ...different...a better kind of relaxation...our weary mind needs it...we have so much to organize and figure out.

We're supposing it's stressful, not getting our work permit renewed, but at the same time...the stress and pain in our life would have led to...honesty? A much sooner death than we are currently comfortable with... sometimes; we suppose, the universe gives you what you need, not necessarily what you want. (and a big DUH! *face palm* from some of us)

Living with The Mother again...will not be stress free...but we can fucking guarantee it will be less stress than the last few years...and we need that.

Loves and kisses from Frank et al XO

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