Monday, August 15, 2011

Our First Day At A New overview

Until we get into the groove of things (our new job which we started today)...posts will be short, probably.
We only have a week left with James, he leaves on Monday the 22nd ; next week this time when we walk into the apartment and say "Honey! We're home!" and will only have the cats to greet us, instead of our 6' tall, beautiful, wonderful & patient boyfriend (yes, we've gone a bit soppy right there - and one of us had a good cry last night before we fell asleep)...and now we'll have to get our own wine from the kitchen, and carry our own groceries, and touch ourselves...that better? We'll be alone again, which some of us are really okay with...back to dancing and drinking wine at the grocery store on Saturday night.
Anyway, our body aches from head to toe from our first day of our new job. It started half way through our shift. We hope it's only because we are needing to get used to it...but we know better...we know that this is going to increase the destruction that our body endured in the car accident even more, the destruction and pain that made our instructor of Culinary Arts tell us "you will not last in this industry 10 years..." (because of our back), but we have little choice because we are not eligible for any sorts of disability benefits in the city we choose to live, even though we have several; not that we would want to go that route anyway - we just need to find a job that fits us, we suppose....and not get fired from it. We also hope we can somehow make this job part-time. We don't need it to be full-time. But it's a job. And we know we should feel lucky we have one, but tell you what. We'd trade your (speaking to the unemployed, who say they want to find a job) unemployment check for our job in a heartbeat. We can live on very little money, we've been doing it our entire life.
So with our arthritis and our disintegrating spine, along with all our other stupid problems mental health problems and stupid mild brain damage...we will work this job until...well, until we quit or get fired; because history hasn't shown us we can maintain a job more than a year without one of the two happening. (Don't feel sorry for us, if you think you do, that would be fucking bullshit, we are merely here, sharing our life with many people, and being as honest as we can about the things that occur and the feelings that we have.)
Maybe something else will come along (if anyone wants to hire a website graphic designer, we've done well as social media *smiles* sorry for the little plug), but until then, as usual, we gotta do what we gotta do...which is going to make us all come home at the end if the day and try to find ways to deal with the pain. Hopefully it doesn't get as bad as it was in March. At least we have Twitter...our Tweeple...and wine.
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