Monday, August 22, 2011

Our Boyfriend Left & All We Got Was This Stupid Kidney Infection

Yeah...that should totally be on a t-shirt...meh. Our attempt at humour.

It’s funny how it takes such little time to for us to be comfortable walking about on our own again, after not having done it in over four weeks. All we had to do was plug in our iPod and suddenly it was like old times. The only differences this time, as compared to all the other times, were that we were not drunk and we were numbed with sadness.
Taking the same path home from downtown as we used to on the days we would go downtown for drinks with Fuck Face, or to see Special Someone, this afternoon the gravity weighed on us.
James, (@mr_jmm) our boyfriend, flew back to the UK this afternoon. He’d been here for over 4 weeks, arriving July 21st, days after we got fired from our last job.
Sharing a one bedroom apartment with a man you’ve only known for a couple of months seemed like a bad idea to some of the people we mentioned it to; mostly, all of them.
In reality it was probably the best thing because it prevented him from being able to leave when perhaps he didn’t want to deal with some of the things we experience with our mental illness, namely, each other; not that he would have went anywhere anyway (someone pushed his buttons at least once). He loves us (he must be crazier than us) and we believe him. We could see it in the tears he started to cry a week ago, when he realized this day was upon us, and time suddenly felt like it was going too fast; we could see it through the tears and pain in his face as he delayed entering the U.S. Immigration section of the airport, where he had to leave us.
We consoled him, and reminded him that he’ll be back; and he will be back.
As a matter of fact, he’s moving here to live with us.
Turns out sometimes when things happen that you didn’t want, it doesn’t always turn out bad. (Mind you, this isn’t turning us into some optimist, hell no). Apparently our luck has taken a turn, as far as relationships and employment go, at last for the now. (see, not optimistic…how can we be?!
So we had a lovely last weekend with James, we set aside Tweeting, mostly, for almost the whole time and aside from some severe pain (more on that follows), we laid about, ate food, did…naked stuff and watched a shit ton of movies, at least more than we’ve watched all year combined (The Ward, Holy Water, Charlie Wilsons War, Ink and War, Inc) - he also got to spend a time with almost all of us this weekend, which meant a massive headaches for us…but he was really happy, and he got to say goodbye (see you later), and give each a message, to everyone but Sam and Bethany (and “Brooke”).
Soon, just like we did before he arrived where everyone shared their thoughts and feelings on his arrival, everyone will be given a chance to write a bit about James, this time about the time they spent with him and how they feel about him now. We’ll see if we can organize it in one post sometime soon.
On the health front, today we went to the doctor because this weekend we had been having some severe pain issues in our lower back (so much so that from Friday afternoon till last night we barely drank a bottle of wine…astonishing, right?) and some…er…urination issues. Turns out we’ve gotten ourselves a lovely kidney infection, which is probably lucky, because the other culprit of all the problems were kidney stones, and nobody wants those.
Our very first kidney infection (which is an advanced UTI/bladder infection...the bacteria got right up in there good); so proud (sarcasm) especially since we know how we got it based on the strain of infection they said we have. (Thank you Emmie & James…ya dirty freaks)
Unfortunately it was the pain we had at work that finally sent us to the doctor this morning, which means we had to lose hours, and being in a probationary period (the first day of the second week of the new job) we don’t know how that will reflect on us *fingers crossed*.
That’s the daily update. We have some other stuff to write this week, a dream/flashback(?) that Bethany had, and the other stuff we wrote about in one of our latest blog posts ‘Note Post’
Oh, and if you haven’t listened to our podcast interview with the super guys from @NothingButShow…check this post out from yesterday:
Alright. We’re going to eat ice cream…and sacrifice a cat so James can find some quick work when he gets back…because as soon as he saves up the money for the flight, he’s coming back.
We already miss our James.
Not your cup of tea? Check out Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies...they play some cool shit.

~Frankie (& some of the et al)

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  1. I love you all and I miss you all so much.
    I will be back as soon as I can be.
    I love you.