Saturday, August 20, 2011

Note Post

This is basically a "To Do" post for us so we can remember on another day the things we wanted to write about soon. If it doesn't get written here, rather in word documents or on pieces of paper, chances are one of us forgets where to find it and/or trashes it.

So, today and tomorrow. That's all we have left of time to spend with our boyfriend James (@mr_jmm) before he heads back to the UK. We'll be writing more about things that happened behind closed doors after he leaves, about how we generally feel about the whole situation, about a long distance relationship and about what he and us have planned for the future - how we will manage a extremely long distance relationship being cash poor. (A flight here from the UK costs upward of $1500-2500 American depending on the day you leave, the time of year, etc.)

We'll also be writing about "Brooke" - that's the nickname we, and James, gave our bitch alter who hates us, who has withheld her name from us and generally tries to get us to do and say things the damage ourselves. For some reason she wants to keep us from happiness.
Also on the agenda of writing is to talk about some of when we were first aware of each other, because we had a Follower the other day ask about it and we were very general (Only so much can really be said in a 140 character format); not all of us were aware of each other at the same time, and some weren't even until this year. As far as The Other Girl was concerned she was only completely aware of Bethany and myself. We'll talk about it more later.
In the meantime, we'll be on Twitter when we can today, but we're going to spend some time with James. We're sure you'll hear bit and pieces of what's going on throughout thge day, plus, you know...he has to make coffee and breakfast for us when he gets back from the grocery, so we're going to go play on Twitter.
If you haven't read yesterdays guest blog post you should, it was written by our guest blogger Kerry Stott: 'Our Guest Blogger Writes About The 'Us & Them' Mentality'
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Oh, and tomorrow we'll be posting a link to and discussion about the Podcast interview we had on Thursday night.
Happy Saturday, beautiful people.

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