Sunday, August 21, 2011

Our Podcast Interview With 'Nothing But Show'

So, weeks ago Vagabond King contacted us about a podcast interview...and we finally got our shit together, scheduled the interview and hooked up with @VagabondRoyalty and @AnelRivers on Nothing But Show this past Thursday night...
This is that interview: [our interview starts at the time mark 38:00:00 and runs to 1:10:20...and then they talk about us a little...]
- (!episodes) know. go ahead and listen?
[How we feel about...we sounds like an idiot...but it's okay, because we kinda are sometimes]

If you have any questions for us feel free to come back to THIS blog post and ask it in the comment section, please do not ask on Twitter - 140 characters is hardly enough for us to ever answer a question properly.
[A note about our comment on medication - we also meant to mention we don't take medication because there is no medication that cures, or treats, multiple personality disorder - only medications for the symptoms, such as depression and social anxiety disorder]
Anyway, you listen to that. We're going to spend the day with the boyfriend (James), it's his very last day here, tomorrow morning we will kiss him goodbye and go to work, when we get home...he'll be on a plane.
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