Sunday, August 7, 2011

This Blog Entry Intentionally Left Blank

Okay, so it's not blank...totally...but we don't feel like writing. Yesterday was a bit sucky, and we didn't remember any of it until about four minutes ago when James (@mr_jmm) learned over to kiss us and said he was writing down his thoughts about yesterday.

"What happened yesterday?"...and then he said a bit and it came back..."Oh" we said.

Then we remembered we hadn't written anything today, and we didn't post anything to Twitter yesterday of our own to share because what we wrote we didn't want to have lots of people to see, even though it's here.

So this is another one of those posts where we won't publish it to Twitter but we will write something here so we can remember a bit. Now that we remember yesterday again we wish we had more wine to drink tonight, or gin...because we don't want to remember yesterday.


Anyway, it's not totally relevant, but it's beautiful...beautiful like some of the days of our life have been recently. Some. Not all. But enough to make this year seem like it's not all been a waste and has been totally worth the honesty of the last year or so.

We're starting to think people lie because there is less risk in lying than there is in the truth.

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