Wednesday, August 17, 2011

We're Going To Do A Podcast Interview?!


Yes. We're going to be a guest on Nothing But Show [!]. The interview is tomorrow night, but we're not sure when it is going to be aired (it better NOT be live *whimper*) - but just a heads up, as far as we know they will be asking questions about our mental illness, our writing, and stuff like that.

So, we're nervous as fuck about this (sorry, beware, of scattered Twitter language being used).

We're not sure how we feel about being interviewed - most of the time we dislike our voice, probably because sometimes we don't recognize it as "our" own (read, "my" own when the person hearing it hears it - that probably makes no sense if you're new to this blog and haven't bothered to read the banner at the top to find out what kind of blog this actually is....believe it or not, it happens).

You can ask James, it's not always the same (the sound of our voice), apparently...don't know, think he wrote something about that recently, that he can detect who we are by our voice. (we still plan to write on how we feel about him always trying to figure out who we are...)

We're also nervous because other than one little video we posted on our Tumblr where we were talking to and recording James when he was drunk and cleaning up broken glass in the kitchen...nobody on Twitter has ever heard us, or seen us in entirely. They say we sound "sweet"...which pisses me off, we're not sweet. Okay, a couple of us are, but we get pissed when they act sweet.

Thank goodness it's only a radio interview, we'd shit if we'd agreed to some sort of interview where people would have to see our face (take that back, Catherine would make us jump off of a bridge)'s bad enough we've been showing as much of us as we have since James got here, he's been Tumblring pictures of us, which is fine, as long as he is here. It's sad, we're tough girls, we've overcome crazy shit...but all of a sudden he has become our protector, our bodyguard - not to worry though, we're not dependent souls...we'll be fine, and once we get used to going back to being alone again, we'll be fine.

Back to the interview...yeah...a radio interview. How bizarre. So, what if we're not funny? What if we say something stupid? We're not the eloquent speakers some might assume from our writing, ever since our car accident sometime words don't come out of our mouth as well as they used to.

Anyway. Just wanted to write a little about how we're feeling ... hopefully we do a good job for the Nothing But Show [!] guys.


~Frank et al

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