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"I Meet Catherine, Not Bethany" - James' Blog Post

We're not writing too much of intro for this one...we have another one that James wrote to post after this, then we have to go buy some bread and wine for dinner tonight, and then come back here and write our own post for the day, though we might just find some random entertaining stuff to write about, who knows...things can change fast around here, one of us started a project this morning and then it got scrapped, we have to work up desire to cook dinner tonight....maybe it's time for another food related post.
Anyway, here's a post from James...and after this his next one will be posted.
I Meet Catherine, Not Bethany
Catherine (twin of Cassandra) is on of the few alters I haven't really spent time with, or even met yet face-to-face. Bethany is someone I got to spend some time with recently and you can read more about that in a previous blog entry.

We had some errands to run today and whilst out I got snapped at; it was quick and wasn't repeated. It irked me somewhat though and it was noticed but I got over it fairly quickly.
They were hungry, we were hungry. We had a very early start (for us) and we didn't have breakfast, barely even a cup of coffee. Trouble is they get headaches when they don't eat so I was keen to eat. But when we found somewhere they then said they didn't want to eat and they were slightly offish about it too.


We were walking to the bus stop when they commented that there were too many people about. Now as a rule they (we) don't like people but this was different. So now I'm wondering who's here. Who ever it is with me for the bus ride and when we get back to the apartment. As soon as we're back they grab a book and lay on the floor to read it. I make us a quick bite bite to eat and join them on the floor.
I know it's one of the younger alters though. Now this is going to sound quite disturbing maybe but we were kissing and it was different. They were kissing me and they seemed to like kissing but it was clearly not Frank or Emmie. But after a while the kisses became more and we had sex. Who that was with I'm not entirely sure but based on sex later in the day clearly being with Emmie, I would have to guess it was her then too.

Because of the slightly offish mood and the laying on the floor reading my best guess was Bethany. I didn't think it was Cassandra and whilst Ivy and Melody remain uncertainties to me I didn't think it was them. It didn't occur to me it might have been Catherine for a second just based on how little time she has spent even as part of Frank et al recently. But I'm not 100% sure; there are many aspects that are not like Bethany at all and I'm confused. I spend a lot of the day trying to work it out.

Later, I ask Emmie (?) why Bethany doesn't like to eat. It wasn't Bethany. Then they mention feeling the same at the Grocery store and then I start thinking... I know there's an alter that has issues with food but before I can check out the "profiles" I read their blog and it says it is Catherine today. I feel bad for Bethany and Catherine for getting this wrong.

It's late evening and I'm mostly sure I'm with Catherine... Actually, no I'm not. I really am not sure. I'm not sure about any of what I've written here. I'm tired. It's been a strange day. I want to delete the post (it was published and I pulled it again) but they convince me to keep it. It's currently back as a draft. Catherine and / or Emmie...
I think if I wasn't so tired today I would have guessed Cassandra, that would have been closer to the mark and would certainly have fitted the "profile" better. Yep, a real swing and a miss today.
Other points of interest about today: I meet with Fuck Face and don't kill him. And Emmie tries to tear me to shreds. Oh yes, sex in an elevator and we very very nearly get caught.
[copied from the original location - he says he edited since we carried it over to here]
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