Friday, August 12, 2011

Something...Not Entertaining.

We start work Monday, and James (@mr_jmm) is only here for another weekend after this and he leaves back to the UK on Monday, August 22, 2011. We'll write soon on what we all think about the is some other stuff to amuse...we don't know why we've been seeing so much in the timeline about the sexual orientation of Burt and Ernie (and other cartoon/puppet characters) - probably because we don't have cable, don't watch tv and don't pay attention to the news... literally if it's not tending on Twitter and we manage to Google search it, we don't know...and we like it that way because the world makes us sad...

Oh, and if you don't follow us on Tumblr...we went to the toy store today!

Happy Friday!

Look, we can't figure out how to make the pictures a decent size, Blogger is being a cunt and changing things, and it's gotten even worse than before....

The Tweet re: James Attached to the photo on Twitpic: "He have birth to 6 pulled pork babies! Guess they develop the grilled cheese part when they grow up #oink" (you had to see the posts on Twitter to get the gist...oh, wait...we can take screen shots!)

Cover your eyes when you watch this first one the first time.

What the hell, this is all jumbled weird in our preview, it probably looks like shit..we're going to be moving to a different format, but same address soon...this is becoming unreasonable. :(

Not the complete song, but still amusing....

What, we're tired, it's Friday and we haven't had time to cull the internet with something super interesting to share...but we can share the best of our writing....(copied over from the 'Our Recommendations - Weeded From Our...Feeded?' archived tabs...

Some of our writing on this blog we like to promote (consider them highlights), these are those entries since mid-January 2011. There are bits of writing in this blog that we do not actually promote due to embarrassment over things that some have written - they are here for our own tracking - they are angry, mean, scary things. If you feel like it you can find them on your own (they are in the What We've Been Up To over on the left). Here are the highlights of what we have written so far this year. There are some repeated under different subjects because some blog entries deal with more than one subject matter.

The Mental Health Entries:
Dissociative Identity Disorder/Multiple Personality Disorder

Guest Bloggers:

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