Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Week In Review

Tomorrow we're going to do a cooking post, if all goes as planned (meaning if we feel like eating)...tonight we're writing this, and having some wine, because it's Saturday and we've been headache free for almost 24 hours. And our kidney isn't hurting us today.

It's Saturday night, if you're in, like we are, catch up on the last week or so of what's been up around here:

Last Saturday we wrote two blog entries, one of which was a review on the movie The Ward. Sunday Frank did a Podcast interview. Monday our boyfriend left to go back to the UK AND we got put on antibiotics for a kidney infection. We wrote about Bethany's flashback/dream, Cassandra shared some information on what dissociation is and and Emmie wrote about sex & erotica, and James, our boyfriend, wrote about his last weekend with us (it's two-parter). Also, there is a shit ton of writing on here if ya feel like reading more about us. Probably it'll help if you read the stuff about why we are who we all are, which is over there on the left under the heading 'The Chapters of Frank/How We Came To Be/Addressing We''s a mouthful.

Some Twitter stuff "worth mentioning"...this week we changed #TeamAwesome to #TeamSublime, seems lots of people use that hashtag and we want our team to have a more unique hashtag. We're also working on trying to figure out a way to spread all of our #ff's throughout the week because now that we are working full days on Fridays, away from a computer, we hate the clutter of our, it probably bugs the shit out of some people.
Also, worth a note, yeah, we may take Twitter seriously, but we also approach it with a different mind set than the average Tweeter...our mindset ('Birds of a Feather, On Twitter, CAN Flock Together' if you think that's wrong, or we're wrong, then read: 'You're Doing Twitter Wrong' 

Today we started working on a website, so we can take our copious blogs (not including Tumblr we have three others, and Emmie wants her own too) and move them to one place; though we're pretty sure this blog will stay here, some of the information will be moved to the website, this place is just getting too cluttered with information.

We had thought about moving the entire blog, but this one feels too much like home for us and we hate being confused.

Most of us are really missing James (but sadly, not all) - we've meant to write a state of the union type entry but it causes some literal headaches and so we'll be delaying that for awhile.

We're going to go drink some more

~Catherine, Frank and some of the et al

(even when Franks not in charge of the vehicle she gets notations if she's a passenger, everyone else pretty much gets an et al designation)

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