Monday, August 8, 2011

Fuck Face Gets Fired & What We Think About That

Today was what everyone here, us and James, would call a good day.

We started off with a rough morning and it got better as the day went on for the most part. We went for a long walk, got caught in the rain, introduced James to Taco Bell (*gag* but he says it wasn’t as bad as he expected) because they don’t have Taco Bell in the UK. Meanwhile, if you don’t get ill from fast food in one way or another you have got to be eating too much of it, OR you have a stomach and digestive system made out of iron.

We had some fun with James today...a few of us actually, and we'll try to write about that tomorrow...*giggles*

Probably the most interesting thing that happened today occurred when we stopped at a local bakery to have a cheese scone and a pain au chocolate (chocolate filled croissant) on our walk to a grocery store (not the one we dance at) that is a fair distance from the apartment – picking up the cell phone we saw a DM (that’s Direct [private] Message, for you none Twitter users) from Fabulous Person saying “Holy shit, they fired [Fuck Face]”.

Clearly intrigued we called her immediately to get the digs and sure enough, exactly three weeks after they fired us, they gave him the boot too. Some followers on Twitter have referred to it as ‘poetic justice’.

Most people/Tweeple would think we must be very happy about this, but as anyone who really pays attention knows, Fuck Face was our friend (the only one who truly hated him was Melody), our drinking partner (and we hope that he still is) – being the one who got fired first we know how it feels, though to be honest he probably saw it coming more than we saw ours coming, seeing as this blog address was no doubt a huge part of why WE got canned, and the story of his and our affair is clearly laid out here. We told him the last time we had drinks with him that he should watch his step because now that they have this blog address it's only a matter of time before they find the story about our affair.

Apparently when they canned him, according to Important Boss vis-a-vie Fabulous People, he just said “okay” collected his things and left.

The reason he got fired was the same reasons they gave us for getting fired (even though they are now telling people we got fired because our “contract was up”…*cough* bullshit *cough*) - though Fabulous People would agree with their, his reason was far more justified than our reason, even though it was the same. (and Fuck Face, if you are reading this...the staff did not hate you, despite what you think, you were just an uber shitty manager)

So we're not happy he got canned, we're not happy anybody there got canned because it's the fault of the executive director who left the place in shambles so that people had to scramble to know what the fuck was going on in that place, and the lack of organization in general that caused what was perceived as performance problems...if they had had job descriptions, guides on how the programs were supposed to be run, or expectations of the people running them, then the people who took over those programs or started in those positions would have known how to perform, or at least known what was expected of them.

They will find the same problem with whoever they hire to replace us and Fuck Face, if only because now there is not one single person on the staff that knows exactly what he, or us, used to do. You can't run a business with no direction, no handbooks, no instructions on how to do the jobs...and expect your staff/employees to be successful. But we digress, after all...they'll see.

We’re disappointed in the people that fired us and him. Why? Because they didn’t have the balls to confront any of us with the real reason…and we’d have believed it, the reason they claimed to have let us go for, was the reason they said it was if it wasn’t for that one little sentence the HR person said the day they took us in that room and fired us…”we found your personal Twitter account…”

[For those of you who never got around to, or for those of you who are new and are wondering who the hell this 'Fuck Face' is...over on the left is a series of stories about him just look for "FUCK FACE - OUR MISTRESS LOVE STORY"]

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