Friday, September 9, 2011


We had a struggle of a day so we could do a good job at's been that way all week.

We must have done a good job this week because we get to stay in our post another week (we made the new schedule for our "department"), even though last Friday the "boss" said he'd give us one more week to prove we can work where we are, at an adequate speed, and not get relocated to another department. We like where we are, the regular hours, the work (even though it hurts us physically), the creative freedom.

This meant a lot of headaches all week, and a lot today, as we had a couple of things to complete and we had to struggle to keep the ones who are good at cooking around. In the end we succeeded...Boss #2 called us the "chowder queen" as we made an extremely tasty Manhattan chowder, and have made great chowders four Fridays in a row.

When in culinary school (we're going to write more about that soon, in addition to what we've already written about culinary school), as well as in other jobs, a word that came up a lot was our lack of consistency in being good at what we do. We're not all good at the same stuff, and it shows, and to the outside world it just looks like inconsistency, or like we are "air-brained" know the other words that apply. We're "eccentric" least that's what it looks like from the we try really hard we can maintain a damn good job for periods of time (but with more headaches)...but if we are stressed...not so much...and that shows.

That's all our blog post is tonight...we've been having a lot of headaches at work this week, we're a little stressed out being in limbo...and about maybe having to move...and it's Friday. We haven't slept well this week...hopefully tomorrow will be the day we can get some real sleep.

Until then...

It's a Friday are some of the stuff we've written that we recommend...don't know us? You should probably read...or not. We really don't care...seriously. we don't want to tell you what to fucking do.

Some of our writing on this blog we like to promote (consider them highlights), these are those entries since mid-January 2011. There are bits of writing in this blog that we do not actually promote due to embarrassment over things that some have written - they are here for our own tracking - they are angry, mean, scary things. If you feel like it you can find them on your own (they are in the What We've Been Up To over on the left). Here are the highlights of what we have written so far this year. There are some repeated under different subjects because some blog entries deal with more than one subject matter.

The Mental Health Entries:
Dissociative Identity Disorder/Multiple Personality Disorder
Guest Bloggers:

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