Thursday, September 29, 2011

Habits and Blogging

Guess what, yeah, that.

You know, the thing about being a good blogger, they say, isn't blogging everyday...but the thing about being a good writer, and a good blogging everyday, because you get in the habit of doing it.

Writing, like exercise, like everything you do...needs to be a habit in order to develop, get better at it, like...drinking, smoking pot, (those two..."better" is clearly a lose interpretation), writing, reading the *gag* bible/going to church, logging on to Twitter, working out, playing video games, writing, cooking, painting reading, playing an instrument ...everything you do repeatedly will make you better at theory anyway...or until you reach your potential...and if you are good at something, and you feel confident about it, you'll stick with it...and grow your potential. Hence why we are here...writing something every we keep doing it.

We may not be good at writing (some of us), but we love it...we love words...turning our thoughts into day we hope to revisit a more creative side of writing, but for now we just need to focus on the therapy part that it can be.

We may have nothing to say today...we're basically riding out our last week of work so we can start writing again, because with the physical pain, the headaches, and only a few hours a night to spend with our friends on Twitter, and with our boyfriend who lives with us now (has it only been a week or so?!)...we just don't have the time to finish writing the rest of our life story (which is over there on the left in a series....) and we really want to (there is some good stuff coming up again) we can move on to other writing...we have some projects in mind...

Anyway, this is us checking in...we should probably be logging off of the computer soon...we know at least one person who would appreciate it.


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