Thursday, October 6, 2011

We're Unemployed...Again.

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Guess what! We almost made it to the last day of our three week notice! Only missed it by a day.

Why'd we quit one day early?

Well, to back up a bit, or explain, Emmie hasn't been around much (James actually thought she was avoiding him on purpose, because of Fuck Face), but today she went to work for us...and she decided that the boys she was working with today were telling her what to do too much, and while she likes cooking (just not eating often), she decided that we were done with that job, and she told the guy in charge we wouldn't be coming in for our final day.

He wasn't thrilled, but what is he going to do about it? They are lucky we put in notice and stayed as long as we day short of three weeks...dude...

This marks the first time we haven't quit a job by
a) being put on probation for behaviour and just leaving (we got put on probation for trying to organize a walk out at a Taco Johns when we were in high school...don't ask...we've mentioned in in some of the stories of our past)
b) putting in a two weeks notice and then immediately not coming back (pretty sure we were a cashier at Menards [a building supply store]...we'd worked there for almost two years though, so that was something...)
c) walked out in the middle of a shift, on lunch, and never went back (we worked on an assembly line...assembling...we won't say what because that narrows down one of our past locations to a fine point)
d) just stopped showing up (pretty much every job we've ever had that don't follow under the classifications of a,b & c...except e...)
e) getting fired. (that's our last job, we've written LOADS about that job on's were we met the infamous Fuck Face, it's where lots of things happened, it' people running it who have their heads up their pretensious self loving upper class asses)

So...we were planning on staying to the last day, to ourselves - but then...we don't have to prove anything to anybody, including Emmie just cut the cord.

We have rational for quitting this one one day early, other than just the desire to want to; the biggest is trying to get into a family doctor to discuss our MRI results before our health insurance card expires and then costs us hundreds of dollars to have analyzed and discussed; two is getting the police to help us serve the papers to our tenants before our ID expires here (then we'll be an alien), and three...fuck it, we wanted to. Wouldn't you do it?

So, now commences our unemployment...from here we have a giant list of things to do before our move date in two weeks (we're to you? Then you should read more of our blog), but once we get tomorrows list (two things) done, we are going to relax for the weekend...and start working on all the things we want to write for our blog...there's lots; and play video games, and watch movies, and go for walks, and go shopping, and...and...and, well, Twitter of course.

(originally sung by Mr. Tom Waits...Some People like him...there are a couple of versions of this, by this group, this is not our iTunes/iPod version...but it's close...)[You know I love music, right?]

We're excited...though some of us not so excited that within weeks we will be living in The Mothers basement...but, it could be worse...probably. We'll have time to paint, write, plan our adventure, figure out what we want to do with our life (again) now that we know we can't work in kitchens because of the back'll be interesting to see what this updated MRI has to show.

So, yeah...we're unemployed (*dance of relief*)...and have lots of stuff to do (not so much dances...)...and hopefully they let our boyfriend move with us, and hopefully we don't go crazier (is it even possible?!...probably, and that in itself is scary)...and, hey, anybody know a place outside of North America that is great to vacation to in January...we're going to need a vacation.

Until tomorrow...have a fabulous Friday night...we're gonna do stuff, just have to decide what.

~Ivy (& others)

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