Monday, October 24, 2011

Nothing Much III

Just No.
No writing tonight.

We walked an hour to get our drivers licence and to go order wine, the guy wasn't in like we were told by the employee on Saturday, and won't be until we wait.

Looked into cell phone/data options and got thoroughly pissed off about how complicated and expensive it has gotten since the last time we lived in the states seven years ago.

We're excessively frustrated, partly because we were out in public for over six hours today, and that exceeds our maximum comfort level by hours...and it's because we are still a slave to going everywhere with The Mother (unless we can walk there) until we can figure out wheels of our own...stress.stress.stress. *whimper*

Read the last four or five entries if you are interested in having something to read...or learning more about multiple personality disorder, or well...all the other shit we write about...whatever.


~ Catherine

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