Saturday, October 29, 2011

Where Are We?

Well, to be literal, we are sitting on the edge of inflatable Coleman mattress, our laptop on an upturned Riesling box, in our near empty apartment...with a glass of white wine within reach, of course. As for geographic location? You know we can't tell you that.

Yesterday we drove back to the city where we had been living for the last seven years to clean the apartment for the final inspection (which is more work than we actually thought it was going to be), so we can get our deposit back. Following Monday night we will be meeting with a real estate agent and various contractors/handymen to work on selling our the meantime our blogging will be scarce because with our bad back it is far too difficult to manage serious writing, Twitter...well, Twitter is another story...and much easier to do while switching sitting/laying down positions and devices, rolling around the carpeted living room floor.

We'll be around, maybe if we drag our ass to a coffee shop we can get some real writing done, likely we're just going to sit here, drink wine, try (but failing at trying) not to stress about the state of the house, the new water & waste bill we got ($300+) that the...assfaces who lived there decided not to pay. (nice, right? But then) That house has been nothing but full of complete fucking losers since we started renting it a year ago...but we've written about so much of that the past few months we're getting tired of rehashing.

Oh, and the drawing contest we were running for Halloween is over, we just haven't had time yet to do what we wanted, aside from changing out .avi (thanks to @serenity_x)...but everyone who e-mailed us a drawing is going to make it into a blog post, as well as a story that was written for us, in liu of a drawing. We're excited to get those posted!

If you ever wonder why we write something nearly every day, even if we don't have much significant to say then we suggest you read a blog post we wrote at the end of September: Habits and Blogging ( - it'll probably make a lot more sense to you.

Meanwhile, as we do, we provide some archives by topic for new readers and those wanting to catch up, not all of our stuff, but stuff we'd rather you read (there is stuff here primarily for us that we don't usually "promote"). Each week we add a few recent entries, things that are better than other stuff we've written. Since last weekend we've written some new things and added them can check out this list, or look through the list Blogger creates of archives of the blog OR you can go back to whatever website you came from. We're not forcing you to learn or read. So if you're made it this far and you're not giving a fuck, then back your don't give a fuck truck up and go do something else equally as pointless.
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