Friday, October 14, 2011

Just Another Friday Night II

What the hell is with that animated guy?

It's Friday night! We are going to be in the thick of moving/packing/something next week this time, we mean...we have to be right?! If we're gonna move then this next week will be a lot of work...

The Mother comes here on Friday night/Saturday morning...we'll be packing up the U-Haul thing and then by 10 days from now we'll be in her basement.

We'll have to come back to this city because of the house sale, which we have yet to officially hire an agent for (one is waiting), because those fucking bastards who live there won't move out, and we agreed to letting them stay, until the end of the month, when we went to talk to the Tenancy Board and inadvertently had a mediation meeting with them this past week.

Catherine (an alter) had to deal with them, and she's...not old enough to handle the shit. She cried, was stressed, and freaked out/panicked a bit. She wrote about it this week.

We are mere weeks, maybe a month or so, away from literal freedom, hopefully relaxation at least...once we leave this city & sell the house...we'll have way less concerns and worries.

Today we brought the cats to the vet to get them rabies shots so we can transport them across the border...the cage broke in half crossing the street to get to the bus, but the precious things just hunkered down and held. The vet said we were lucky they didn't run. They are strong cats, and they are the best cats, despite some of our abject hate for them.

We've been in this apartment a year now, a long, long year where our mental stability unraveled, raveled back up and came to a resting place. They have endured some things they probably never wanted to witness, that nobody should witness...that some of us should not have witnesses. Say what you will about animals...pets...they are more resilient as humans.

So today is over (as far as we are concerned), it's Friday, we have a week of stress ahead of us with packing, the move, and James (The Boyfriend) being ill...and that's not even mentioning getting him across the border...hours and hours at the border.

We're going to enjoy this last weekend of the year (for us), unencumbered by new stress...hopefully.

Catch up on everything we've written...yesterday's post has some great links to our best/more interesting writing, some on our social media related writing, and a piece on our one year anniversary on Twitter...

Cheers, friends & readers...we're gonna amble around the Internet, and Twitter, drink, play video games...and stuff.

Thank you for reading. We promise, stuff from our recommended link page, is far more interesting than this. And if you are new here, well, then...maybe read more stuff around here? In any case it'll help things become more clear, probably, at least from what we're heard from other people.

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