Sunday, October 16, 2011

Nothing Much II

Got nothing today...only a little blip.

It's sad to live with someone who is always trying to figure out who we are. We can all see it in his eyes. We know which ones he likes best. He gets sad about her, because she's not around much these days, because we're running amok with stress and switching is sometimes an hourly occurrence...and the body feels uneasy, and anxious, and antsy, and confused...and the head gets angry, and cloudy and so many headaches...

I hope I'm not around much longer today, I just want to eat and eat, and some of us (likely Catherine or Ivy) have instructed James to make sure the others don't eat as much; they feel our weight has gone up in the last couple of weeks...but what is 4 extra pounds, or so, on a 6' stature (besides mini muffin tops anyway). James is good at dealing with rule enforcement so that means I don't get to eat until an appropriate meal time...because I'd make us fat again otherwise.


I'm going to go play video games, and host our Sunday Favstar ToD (Tweet of the Day) contest, and then play music, and more video games, and watch movies...Frank did enough packing this morning so we don't have to do more until tomorrow.


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